Bubble Gum Marijuana Strain [Complete Review]
November 8, 2017

Bubble Gum Marijuana Strain [Complete Review]

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MarijuanaBreak Staff MarijuanaBreak Staff / Updated on November 8, 2017

Bubble Gum Cannabis Strain

Delicious and candy-like, Bubble Gum will cause you to keep coming back to this mind-blowing cannabis strain time after time

As with most things, it takes some time for the most incredible selections to rise up and stand out above the rest, but once it happens the whole world is on high alert of just how brilliant it is. This is somewhat the story of the marijuana strain Bubble Gum. Its history of development is a long process of movement from one location to the next, the strain becoming perfected and stabilized a little more each time, eventually ending in success that has not only caused the world to recognize it, but also the cannabis community.

Bubble Gum won two awards during the 1994 Cannabis Cup, but its brilliance did not just stop there. In 1995 and 1999, the cannabis strain won 2nd place awards yet again for its sweet and distinguishable flavor, as well as its intense potency and properly balanced indica/sativa high. In order to reach notoriety and the popularity it has, Bubble Gum underwent an uphill battle that all began sometime during the 1970s. Yes, it took around 20 years for things to unfold, all beginning in Indiana where it was eventually transported over to New England for further development and creation.

The most impactful relocation of the Bubble Gum cannabis strain was when it was transferred over to Holland, which is primarily where it began to make waves and captivate audiences. The breeders over at TH Seeds are officially accredited with the production of the most stable form of the Bubble Gum marijuana strain, a company known as one of the masters of Dutch cannabis genetics.

Continue reading to find out what makes Bubble Gum such a quintessential marijuana strain…

What Is Bubble Gum?:

A near perfect balance between sativa and indica genetics, the Bubble Gum cannabis strain is classified as a hybrid and knows exactly how to provide a high with both the ups of the energizing sativa and the downs of the mellowing indica. Its genetics stem from the inbreeding of the Indiana Bubblegum marijuana strain, and it took many generations of breeding for the creation of the stable and growable Bubble Gum that exists to this day.

A genetic composition of 50% indica and 50% sativa, this marijuana offers something for lovers of both ends of the cannabis spectrum. Bubble Gum does also sport an impressive THC content, typically ranging somewhere around 15-20%. It is most notorious for its out of this world flavor that literally mimics the classic bubblegum, for its impressive stoney high and for the fact that this crop yields quite generously.

Bubble Gum Aroma, Flavor and Appearance:

Bubble Gum Appearance

Bubble Gum seems to possess an incredible ability to make the mouth water and stimulate the senses. Its aroma is immediately sweet and pungent, overwhelming any room it is in with a candy-like scent that leaves its mark wherever it goes, somewhat similar to the sweeter vape juices available on the market. Aspects of its aroma are also reminiscent of flowers and earth, providing a more natural component to the smell.

The flavor of Bubble Gum is equally, if not more pleasant as the aroma, tasting essentially as the name implies, like a piece of bubblegum. The smoke will make your mouth water, filling the taste buds with notes of cream and berries, as well as an array of various fruits and flowers. After the smoke is gone, the sweetness lingers on your tongue and continues to impress the senses.

Appearance wise, the buds of this marijuana strain are classic looking, with dark green forest nuggets that are thick and densely packed, mixed in with marks of brassy orange pistils that curl and bend throughout the smokeable sugar leaves. The entire buds are well coated in a layer of frosty THC crystals, or trichomes, which signify the potency of this cannabis when it is smoked. The frostiness is extremely reminiscent of the first light snow of the Winter, when it can be seen that the seasons are changing and that the land is beginning to freeze over.

Bubble Gum Grow Info:

An especially easy to cultivate crop particularly for experienced cultivators, Bubble Gum is one that could be suitable for beginners who don’t have much growing experience, so long as they are interested in a challenge and maintain close watch of their crops, primarily regarding humidity and climate control. One of the biggest disadvantages to this marijuana strain type, however, is that it’s extremely susceptible to rot and mold and can only be grown in dry and hot outdoor environments which offer shelter from any precipitation, or the even more preferable indoor and extremely climate controlled environment.

Grown indoors, hydroponic and soil growth methods are the most suitable, and the SOG set-up seems to prove especially successful. Outdoor grows can only work if the plants are placed in an ideal location; where it is both sunny, yet well sheltered, a sometimes challenging combination to obtain. Flowering period for Bubble Gum is around 8-9 weeks, with outdoor harvest falling in late September to early October.

The plant itself is medium in height, growing up to around 100-120 centimeters on average, so it does not require tremendous amounts of space to flourish. The yields from the Bubble Gum crops are generous, ranging at an average of 16 ounces per square meter indoors and 14 ounces per plant outdoors.

Bubble Gum Effects:

Melting you into a euphoric and relaxed state, Bubble Gum sinks the body into a calm, while stimulating the mind and uplifting the spirit. It is quintessential for creative times where you want the inspirational juices to be flowing, as well as moments where you are socializing and kicking back with small groups of close friends. It is a cannabis strain best consumed either later in the evening after work, or on an afternoon where you have nothing to do.

Bubble Gum brings about massive waves of happiness and joyous bliss, causing an immense uplift in mood and demeanor, as well as generating a serious case of the giggles. Overall, the effects of Bubble Gum cannabis are well balanced and highly pleasant.

Medical Benefits of Bubble Gum:

Bubble Gum Strain Review

The medical cannabis community greatly relies on the Bubble Gum marijuana strain for assistance, because it is so capable of bringing relief and healing to a number of medical conditions and ailments. Primarily, it serves as a massive pain diminisher and also a mood booster. Chronic pain, back pain, muscle spasms, migraines, headaches, chronic stress, body tension, menstrual cramps and any other pains can decrease with the aid of Bubble Gum, but a greater amount may be in order to experience the full benefits of this medicinal crop for physical conditions.

Edibles, concentrates, tinctures, candies, gummies and extracts, are all alternative methods to smoking that can provide even higher doses with less of the actual act of consumption necessary. Mood disorders and mental conditions can also benefit from Bubble Gum, particularly insomnia, depression, anxiety and stress, but users should be more cautious with dosing in these circumstances to avoid any uncomfortable anxiety or paranoia that can sometimes arise with THC heavy marijuana strains.

It is vital to start slow, know your boundaries and build the quantity from there if you think you are ready.

Possible Negative Side Effects of Bubble Gum:

Due to the fact that Bubble Gum is quite a strong marijuana strain, it can onset some adverse effects particularly for those who aren’t used to consuming marijuana or who aren’t seasoned smokers. Mild cases of paranoia have been reported, which can turn into anxiety and discomfort in some circumstances. This should not be a cause for concern, however, especially if you are accustomed to consuming cannabis and know how it will affect you.

The most commonly reported negative side effects are dry mouth and dry eyes, which are both easily manageable with a little extra preparation and planning. By drinking plenty of hydrating fluids before, during and after your high you can not only prevent dry mouth, but also reduce the likelihood for headaches, dehydration and dizziness. Be sure to keep a bottle of water close by, just for convenience and to serve as a reminder to keep hydrated.

Dry eyes can be subdued by purchasing moisturizing eyedrops from your local drug store and keeping them on hand to remove any discomforts when they arise. All in all, the pros of Bubble Gum deeply outweigh the cons, particularly when considering how little risk there is to consuming this cannabis strain.

Final Thoughts:

If you are an individual searching for an alternative to conventional medications and are seeking assistance for healing chronic pain, chronic stress, back pain, migraines, muscle spasms, depression, anxiety, insomnia or another one of the conditions mentioned earlier, than the Bubble Gum cannabis strain might be a suitable option for you.

We hope you found this article to not only be entertaining, but also educational and informative. It is important to remember that the consumption of marijuana is the sole responsibility of the user and discretion should always be taken.

  1. Matthew Thies
    Like a real gum

    If you like to chew bubble gums, then this strain is a great one for you. The flavor and aroma, is somewhat between a bubblegum and weed. You definitely get reminded of some bubble gums while smoking this weed. And that is the reason I like to go for Bubble Gum Marijuana.

  2. Daniel Russell
    Bubble gum is therapuetic

    Great for mood changes and pain

  3. Taziano Lucciano
    Pain + Anxiety

    Do you know that you can use this strain to fight pain and anxiety together? So it works well for patients suffering from critical conditions. My mother suffers from Chronic back pain and sometimes she takes this when she completely loses it.

  4. Ron Aukerman
    Need to blow bubbles

    The Bubble Gum strain is my favorite.Having trouble finding in Kalamazoo-Grand Rapids-areas in Michigan.

  5. Eva Benson

    Bubble gum is the amazing strain to deal with body tensions

  6. Ana Conrad

    This is a perfect strain for people suffering from chronic pain. It’s one of my favs

  7. Brenda Hobbs

    A perfect strain of chronic pain. Recommended!

  8. Rose Drewes

    Bubble gum is really nice for treating back pain. Loved it.

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