Are You a Bad Parent if You Smoke Weed? [10 Opinions]

Smoking Pot and Parenting is an extremely controversial topic, but when we asked ten parents whether it makes them a bad parent, these were the answers we got.

The question was; “If you occasionally fire up a joint, does it make you a bad parent?”

Opinion 1 – Jesse T, Ohio

“I completely agree that if you are high, you’re not in a state of mind to watch your children, the way they need to be watched, but to light a joint once in a while after the kids have gone to sleep sure does help relieve the stress.”

Opinion 2 – Melissa W, Washington

“As long as you don’t smoke in front of your kids, it’s nobody’s business. You know the system is fucked up when smoke pot is wrong but drinking alcohol in front of your kids is allowed.”

Opinion 3 – Suzy A, Michigan

“I think that if you smoke weed, it will make you a better parent, not in a religious way, but as in more layed back and less stressful way. Moms have a lot to deal with, and as long as you are just taking a puff or two and not living by it or putting your child in danger, I say hell yeah, go for it.”

Opinion 4 – Patricia T, New Jersey

“Irrespective to how safe or unsafe it is, it is illegal. How can you expect your kids to grow up and learn right from wrong if you show them that you feel the laws don’t apply to you?”

Opinion 5 – Ryan P, Pennsylvania

“I light up a spliff when my kids have gone to bed, and I’m outside with my wife. I don’t get totally stoned. If parents can sit about and have a moderate drink of wine or beer around their kids then smoking a joint shouldn’t be classed as anything different. Just saying.” 

Opinion 6Peter P, Arizona

“I feel weed makes me a calmer, better and more interactive parent. I ask my daughter more questions. I have more patience to sit and teach her new things, and I feel that it is also medically helping me. It’s a win-win situation.”

Opinion 7 – Cloe R, Montana

“Medical use is fine, but smoking marijuana is still illegal. If you can’t control yourself and go without smoking it for recreational use, then it shows a lot about your parenting skills. It would be best to set an example.”

Opinion 8 – Sally E, Oregon

“Smoking pot doesn’t turn you into a bad parent. That is ridiculous. Does having a beer turn you into a bad parent? Being a bad parent turns you into a bad parent.”

Opinion 9 – Henry R, Wyoming

“As it is illegal, I do not smoke around my kids. I don’t want them to get the wrong idea and get in trouble when I’m not around. But, with that said, we all light up a joint now and then. And whoever denies it, is lying.”

Opinion 10Andrew S, Kentucky

” I used to think that people who smoked were only potheads. A couple of years ago I was diagnosed with cancer. I don’t smoke as it irritates my lungs, but I do believe in CBD which has changed my life. My attitude towards pot has completely changed, and now I understand that smoking isn’t just for fun, but also for medical purposes. I am 100% pro the plant and admit that I was brought up on lies.”

The question “Does Smoking Pot Make You a Bad Parent” has always troubled many, but with recent polls showing that most Americans are pro the plant, it seems as if the stigma towards weed is slowly changing.

We were shocked by the numbers, and while our sample size didn’t reach minimum requirements to represent a true statistical survey, 80% of the answers were extremely positive towards the plant.

What’s your view on the topic?

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