Blog Part 2

Reliable, high-quality info on all things cannabis.

How Scientists Used a Cannabis Consumer’s Urine to Make Electricity

Making energy production greener

5 min read
How to be Confident While High [Tips from the Pros]

Don't let anxiety ruin your buzz

6 min read
Cold Start Dabbing: What is it (And How Do You Do It)?

The comprehensive guide

3 min read
What Are “Cannasexuals”? [Understanding This Take on Marijuana and Intimacy]

How cannabis could enhance your sex life

8 min read
10 Organic Ways to Detox from Weed Quickly

How to detox from marijuana, the natural way

18 min read
Environmentally-Friendly Cannabis [What Is It Really?]

The industry isn't as green as you think!

7 min read
What Does Canopy Growth Do… And Who Do They Own?

Are they set to dominate the industry?

6 min read
5 Must-Try Hacks to Make Your High Last Longer

Lengthen the effects of weed!

7 min read
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