Weed and Yoga: A HOT New 420 Concept?

The first thing that came to mind when we heard about the combination of Marijuana and Yoga was “WTF”, but apparently it is becoming a lot more popular than what most people think!

At first, it might seem that combining cannabis and yoga wouldn’t be the greatest match, especially as lighting up a spliff is normally associated with chilling out, relaxation and searching for bliss. But if you think about it, yoga also has the same kind of goals. Well, kind of…relaxation, searching for tranquility and living a healthier lifestyle.

So if they both have similar goals, why not combine?

Another reason why Yoga and Marijuana may fall into the same mindset, is because they are excellent treatments for a range of medical problems. Backaches, joint problems and other physical problems. The only problem is that most doctors, recommend yoga as a form of exercise to get healthy, but Cannabis, on the other hand, is a completely different story. When was the last time your doctor said, “go out and smoke a joint”.

There is not much research on the matter, but when we asked a few different yogis about the use of marijuana they all said that it helped them better reach their goals of relaxation and spiritual awareness. It must be noted that the official yoga industry does not approve the use of 420 with Yoga.

But the industry is taking a different approach on the matter. According to the New York Times, some instructors even recommend it and have opened practices around it. Obviously where it is legal. Liz McDonald teaches at 420 Remedy Yoga and stands behind her beliefs; “I find it to be a valuable tool in teaching”.


So if you decide to pair cannabis with yoga there are a few things that you should take into consideration.

  1. You should be very familiar with your yoga practice and routine.
  2. Definitely be accustomed to smoking joints and know your strains.
  3. Combining the two should only be done where permitted to so.

Which Strains are Best?

Marijuana Break

If you’re more of a flower person then Indicas are known for reducing anxiety and giving your body more of a high. If you are looking for a more mellow feeling, one that will allow you to relax and connect with your inner-self, then focus on higher levels of CBD.

  • The Lamb’s Bread: This strain is great for bringing out positive vibes and giving you the energy you need to follow through with your practice. Designed to make you happy energetic and uplifted.
  • Blue Dream: This favorite will take you to a different level. It will give you that buzz but still leave you happy and euphoric. Unlike The Lamb’s Bread, it will make you more relaxed
  • Laughing Buddha: This strain will help those that want to reach a higher level of meditation. It provides an uplifted, happy feeling but will still allow you to stay focus

Final Thoughts about Weed and Yoga

Combining cannabis and yoga is a very interesting subject and worth a try. Just make sure you can handle the high. You don’t want to rocket off to some other place, while in the middle of some awkward position. That could be quite uncomfortable!

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