How to Roll a Dank Marijuana Joint With Ease

Looking to roll that perfect joint, but don’t know where to start? MarijuanaBreak is here to help! In this amazing tell-all guide, we will teach you just what factors come into play when you want to create that super dank doobie. Customize your smoke to just what you love, and get that amazing hit every time. Your friends will be amazed with how smooth and tasty your joints are!

Here Are the Ways to Roll a Dank Marijuana Joint With Ease:

It’s All About the Details:

What type of joint are you looking to hit? What’s your preference? When you’re getting ready to make that doobie, there are a few factors to take into consideration and some choices to make:

What Type of Ganja Are You Going to Use?

Marijuana Break

Choosing a favorite strain can be especially important in a joint. Joints are often potent and take much longer to burn than a bowl. Occasionally, joints are shared with others, so you want your friends to be sharing the best weed, right?

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Pick a strain that you know and love. One that has made you feel great in the past, and you know won’t disappoint in the future. If you’re new to the world of cannabis, 5 brilliant strains you should try are:

  • Northern Lights (Indica)
  • Mango Kush (Hybrid)
  • Lamb’s Bread (Sativa)
  • Chernobyl (Hybrid)
  • Euforia (Sativa)

Are You Going to Blend Your Weed With Anything Else?

If you plan on rolling some form of spliff, you have plenty of options. Many individuals love to add tobacco. This is a common practice in Europe, and some say it helps the weed breathe. Additionally, you can add in marijuana leaves, Kief, Hashish, or a beautiful blend of lavender flower. A lavender spliff is especially delicious, giving the already flowery cannabis an even stronger floral flavor (forreal, you have to give this a try!)

A few additional choices to make when rolling a proper joint are:

What paper should I choose?

The best papers are rice, hemp, or tobacco rolling papers. These allow for an easy roll and burn efficiently. Your local smoke shop will absolutely sell rolling papers, and likely will even sell crutch filters.

What type of filter or crutch should I use?

Crutch filters are index card thickness pieces of paper that can be rolled into a tube or a ‘W’, and can be used to keep the joint from getting soggy, keep the weed from falling out, and filter some of the smoke from coming through. You can make your own at home with a semi-strong piece of paper. Just tear a little piece off and make a square-edged tube or a ‘W’ shape.

How should I break up my bud?

The best way to break up your bud and protect the THC-laden trichomes from getting crushed, is to use a pair of sharp scissors or a marijuana grinder. Using your fingers isn’t ideal, because it can lower the potency of your reefer. Avoid this by using proper tools for your cannabis grind.

Marijuana Grinder

Now, to Roll the Perfect Joint!:

  1. Get all your materials together. Make sure you have your paper, crutch/filter and ground cannabis ready. Having a lighter near by might be handy too, for when you’re finally ready to smoke and toke…
  2. Place your rolling paper on a flat surface. Fold the paper in half with the sticky edge inside the paper, the same side the ground ganja is being placed on. Place your ground marijuana or spliff mixture in the folded crease of the paper and evenly distribute the ground-up flower.
  3. Place your crutch or filter on one end of the folded paper, making sure it meets evenly with the paper’s edge.
  4. Using your thumbs and middle fingers, hold the paper filled with your mixed between these fingers and begin working the paper.
  5. As you work the paper into a tube, you’ll see how the flower inside will turn tube-like. At some point, the edges will want to roll in and fold over. In this moment, use your thumbs to help the edges clip in and create that iconic tube joint shape.
  6. Once you have that tight tube, lick the sticky side of the paper and close the joint off.
  7. Grab your lighter, light up and enjoy!

Rolling a joint or spliff can sometimes take a little practice, but once you learn, you’ll never forget (just like riding a bike!).

We hope you’ve enjoyed this informative guide and have a great time enjoying that next batch of rolled-up green!

It is important to remember that the consumption of cannabis is the sole responsible of the consumer and discretion should be taken.

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