How You Can Legally Make Money From Pot, Without Selling it – Part 4

Most of you are probably familiar with the cannabis industry from smoking pot or from taking a stroll down to your local dispensary, to pick up some amazing meds. In this unique series of articles, we are going to reveal to you a different side of the industry, one where people aren’t only spending money on weed, but instead, making from it.

Now, if you are like most of our readers, your initial thought is probably; “But I don’t live in a legal state”. Well as Steve DeAngelo put it; you don’t have to live in a Legal state to cash in on the marijuana business.

This is actually our fourth article in this series. The previous article was the cream of the crop and showed you how people are becoming Pot Stock Trader.

This article is going to show you a completely different opportunity that is now appearing in the industry. We call it the Weedographer.

What’s a Weedographer?

Weed Photography

Well, the honest truth, there isn’t really such a word. One of our team made it up when he came across this amazing money making opportunity. The idea is to combine weed and photography.
Now comes the best part. All of you have got cameras on your phones, right? Well if you’ve got a smartphone, you’re a good shot and you’re slightly creative, then this method might be perfect for you.

The Opportunity

As of now, and especially since the 2016 elections, online sites, and marijuana-related businesses have been popping up everywhere. Everyone is trying to catch the green ride to prosperity. Now, take a look at our website, full of attractive images and appealing designs, right? Well, If you want to have an online or offline business that people like, you have to make it look good, otherwise, people won’t come back. It’s all about brand awareness, and in order to develop a reputable brand in any industry, you need to make it look good!

Now comes the interesting part. Most companies don’t have photographers just lying around and therefore they purchase images from external photographers, professional and non-professionals. So basically if you capture a great shot and people like it, you can SELL it.

You have to understand, that as a business, you can’t simply use any image you find online as using it can sometimes lead to a legal mess. This is because most of the photos on the Internet are subject to copyright, meaning the photographer who took the photo has the exclusive legal right to use the image. Instead, you need to purchase images from people.

Where’s the Opportunity?

The pot industry is a new industry and therefore it is still not completely saturated. Well, at least not in every aspect. Check this out; we recently went onto one of the largest image bank websites where you can purchase pictures from individuals for commercial use. We were looking for a specific picture to do with Trichomes. Guess what, not one person had taken a nice picture of some weed with Trichomes.

How do You Sell Pictures Online


There are tons of websites you can sell them on. The most popular ones are:

  • iStock Photo
  • Fotolia
  • Photocrati
  • SmugMug
  • DepositPhotos
  • Photoshelter
  • Alamy

You’d have to check the terms and conditions of each site, but the main idea is to take pictures around a specific niche i.e. Weed, and put the pictures up for sale on one of these sites.

Is this a ‘get rich quick method’? No!

This method will take time and patience, but once you’ve uploaded around 100 pictures you will start seeing the money coming in. We know people that are making around $100-$200 a month by having around 100 pictures on different image bank sites.

If may sound like a lot of work, but think of this as an investment. If your photos pass those sites standards, it’s one of the best options for selling photos.

Tips and Tricks

The idea is not just to take random pictures of weed but to try to think of a concept. For example, you might take a picture of specific strains, or if you know you’re way around a computer you might take pictures of specific substances. Or even place the weed in a specific shape.

Picture of Weed

Some people have even uploaded pictures around a specific topic, for example, all the steps of rolling a joint. How to handle the weed, how to roll, a picture of the materials needed, etc…

How to Increase the Chances of Your Pictures Being Sold

  1. Make sure that all your pictures look amazing.
  2. Make sure that you tag them with words that people tend to look for. For example, you might call one picture “Best strain purple kush”. You want to appear in the searches.
  3. Upload as many pictures as possible.

A word of Warningֿ

Becoming a Weedographer isn’t for everyone. It takes time and patience, but once people start purchasing your pictures, it doesn’t end.

Final Thoughts About Weedography

If you are looking for an alternative way to Make Money Online and are into photography, then this is definitely something you should consider. It’s easy and doesn’t require any form of investment apart from time.

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