Comparing Cannabis to Wine – Is it Even Possible?

Over the last couple of months and especially due to Marijuana being constantly in the news, many websites are comparing the current Marijuana prohibition to the Alcohol prohibition that was removed back in 1933.

To help put Cannabis into a more relatable context, we are going to compare it to Wine. And not just any wine, the good stuff!

Similar to wine, Cannabis when bought from your local dispensary, rather from your local shady dealer, has a unique name and label indicating the type of strain, harvest date, THC percentage, CBD ratio and price. Wine also carries the same kind of label and includes, produce, type of grape, year and alcohol percentage.


Both typically grow outdoors unless you are an indoor grower. Grapes grow in vineyards in different places around the world, in various climates. Each vineyard has its own practice and cultivation methods.
Similar to wine, cannabis is also grown indoors or outside, by growers and also goes through different processes until it reaches the shelves. These include growing, drying, trimming, curing and a bunch of other things to make sure your bud is just right!

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Strains = Grapes

Grapes and Cannabis

There are thousands of different grapes, some are known to grow in specific regions of the world and are more rare, while others are more common and can be grown in a variety of climates. Each grape has its own distinct flavor, aroma and appearance.

Similar to grapes, strains are also unique. Some strains will only grow in specific climates. Each strain has its own characteristics and qualities. Some have higher THC percentages, some have lower. There are strains with different flavors, appearances and each strain will have a different effect the body.


Alcohol (ethanol) is the component that induces wine’s intoxicating effects. On each label, you will find the alcohol percentage (ABV, Alcohol by volume) which is a standard measure of how much alcohol is contained in a given volume of a bottle. The ABV standard is used worldwide. Typically, you will find ABV percentage levels to be around 9%-16% in wine.

Tetrahydrocannabinol, aka THC, is the main chemical in marijuana that will give you the high effect. When purchasing cannabis from your local dispensary, it is important to make sure that your buds are properly labeled, showing the correct amount of THC. This helps cannabis users identify how potent a specific strain is. THC levels can range from 1%-25% and even higher or more unique strains.

Liquor Store = Dispensary

Both products sell according to basic supply and demand. The price is determined by the equilibrium unless you are purchasing your weed from the black market. Wine is sold legally to people over the age of 18 through liquor stores, while marijuana is provided in most states to medical users who suffer from specific conditions. Throughout the U.S, only 8 states are recreational, and the laws are still not fully intact.

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Now Let’s Look at a Few Facts


Wine bottles

  • Is addictive and health damaging
  • Depressant
  • Costs (Wastes) Billions
  • Deaths due to overdose daily
  • Destroys brain, liver & other cells
  • Accidentally flammable
  • Toxic
  • Hangover & Pain
  • Vomiting and Nausea
  • Causes Domestic / Public Violence


Marijuana Heart

  • Non-Addictive & Healing
  • Anti-depressant
  • Zero Deaths, Ever!
  • Save Billions! Wastes Nothing!
  • Overdose is Physically impossible
  • Protects, grows and repairs cells
  • Reparative
  • Causes the munchies, which includes DVD rentals and pizza orders

Final Thoughts

While the long-term effects of marijuana are still yet to be discovered, it doesn’t make sense that alcohol, which research shows lead to very severe consequences, is legal while nature’s plant isn’t.

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