Cannabis Supper Clubs: The Hottest Trend in L.A

When restaurant quality dining and marijuana mesh together, you get something magical.

In November 2016, something phenomenal and long awaited happened in California. This was the month that cannabis was finally legalized on a recreational level, allowing any adult over the age of 21 to purchase the medicinal plant from a dispensary and consume it without legal troubles or law enforcement making them feel like a criminal.

It is now 2018, and since January 1st, recreational shops have finally gained the licensing and other documents they needed to begin operating openly to the public. Humans are naturally curious and creative beings, so, of course, the sale of cannabis could not just stop at recreational shops selling dried herb, some edibles and paraphernalia.

Los Angeles, a rather cutting-edge and artistic city with plenty of outside-the-box thinking residents, had a new trend arise this year. This trend has become known as a “Cannabis Supper Club” and in essence it stands as a cutting-edge experience for those who want to enjoy restaurant quality or high-end dining, all with the added in touch of marijuana. This brilliant development also is a revolutionary happening for the culinary world, which can now extend far beyond the already expansive palette of what can be utilized while cooking, tailoring itself to a new market or consumers, which we can maybe go ahead and term “canna-foodies”.

Keep reading to discover all about cannabis supper clubs, the newest LA trend that is revolutionizing not only the culinary society, but the world of marijuana as well…

What Are Cannabis Supper Clubs?:

Cooking with cannabis is old news, already happening for centuries. Numerous individuals have chosen to eat this all-natural flower instead of smoking it, for not only are the effects stronger, often times they are longer lasting and do not involve any of the harmful toxins that you can absorb from smoking. These are just a few reasons why some people choose to eat their weed and not smoke it, but beyond this, ingesting cannabis is actually also often times more discreet. It is not difficult to accidentally mistake a marijuana-infused goodie for a normal treat, but an hour later it becomes obvious that whatever you had, had weed in it. There are a multitude of funny stories on the internet about parents and unsuspecting individuals accidentally eating a cookie or brownie that was actually packed-full of THC, only to feel the effects soon after. The only way for occurences like this to happen is if the baked goods are quite discreet, and the ones that are cooked/baked correctly normally are. Aside from the classic dessert-style pastries that have been infused with THC for many years now, Los Angeles is taking culinary cannabis to another level…

Involving carefully selected dishes that are meticulously dosed, cooked and plated to perfection, these cannabis supper clubs offer a dining experience that is unique and exclusive, one that may not be suited for everybody, but certainly can spark the deep interest of some. Cannabis supper clubs take the consumer along for an adventure, with all ingredients and portions being served just right; those who are enjoying this happening don’t have to be worried about getting too high or not high enough. The brilliant chefs and masterminds behind the courses at some of the trendiest and best executed cannabis supper clubs in Los Angeles and beyond, know exactly how to put on a show, while pleasing the taste buds and the other senses. Cooking with ganja at home is nothing new, plenty of people use cannabutter, canna oil and canna milk in their dishes to spice them up, and numerous recipes for such creations can be found online, but honestly, attending a supper club event will not be disappointing in any way, because there simply are few similar happenings that exist. In addition to the traditional supper clubs that regularly have cannabis-infused menus, some restaurants also create pop-ups, which typically take place in other locations around the world. These events are normally held with extreme secrecy, are invite-only and usually only get their location announced the day of the event. In some ways, a supper club pop-up is like a speakeasy, but not as illegal. For instance, a supper club in LA might regularly have their doors open to guests, but then also offer a pop-up dining experience in a city like Chicago. Supper club menus are very often detailed and complex, yet so flawlessly tailored to those who adore both dank marijuana and exquisite food; we may as well just call these people “canna-foodies”.

The Best Marijuana Supper Clubs in LA:

1. The Herbal Chef:

Although not technically a restaurant or location that you can drive to, sit down and eat at, Christopher Sayegh, who is known as “The Herbal Chef”, is a for-hire private event chef, who caters your parties, meetings and other festivities with a custom, gourmet menu that involves the addition of cannabis, which is infused into the various dishes. Based out of Los Angeles, the brilliant mastermind can travel to any location to cater your next event, as long as his travel costs are covered. This is incredible news for those who have the money to spend and want to experience marijuana gourmet cooking with friends from the comfort of their very own home or other cozy space. You will certainly be paying a pretty penny, however, for Sayegh’s services typically cost around $200 per person, but the number of courses are customizable, and delicious wine pairings can be arranged as well. The Herbal Chef will be opening up a cannabis restaurant in Santa Monica in 2018 called Herb, which will offer 3, 5 and 10-course tasting menus and an incredible dining presentation.

2. Gracias Madre:

Although not offering THC-infused delights, Gracias Madre, the plant-based Mexican Food chain with a location in West Hollywood, has been offering CBD-infused dishes since 2016, continuing to do so to this day. For those who desire a medicinal experience that won’t leave them feeling high or having to manage the psychoactive effects of the cannabis for the entire day, then this could be your go to. The food is not only delicious and well-prepared, it is reasonably priced, more casual and of course packed-full of CBD per your request. The atmosphere within the West Hollywood Gracias Madre is grounding and tranquil, yet lively and social at the same time. Furthermore, it is a great place to meet new people with like-minded interests.

3. Cannabis Supper Club:

The original and official Cannabis Supper Club, this organization arranges pop-up events for people to understand what it is like to pair fine-dining with the best, locally sourced marijuana strains. Attendees return from these events claiming that the entire evening felt like a dream, and so far CSC has received rave reviews about their services and the big show that they present to the exclusive few that manage to purchase tickets in time to appear. Referring to themselves as “a higher culinary experience”, this little play on words perfectly describes the type of impact that attending a Cannabis Supper Club event will leave you with. With occasions taking place in Laguna Beach, Santa Monica and other parts of Los Angeles, if you’re based out of LA, it won’t be difficult to purchase tickets and show up to one of these phenomenal gatherings; but act quick if you intend to go- tickets have a tendency to sell out fast.

Other Locations Where You Can Discover Dine-In Cannabis:

As with most things in the world, unique experiences do not only exist in one city or location, they tend to be spread out in the world. This is the same with cannabis supper clubs; they are not only present in Los Angeles, but certain other up-and-coming cities have adopted this practice as well, only continuing to further drive this fine-dining perspective into the world of marijuana.

There have been past pop-up supper clubs in Chicago, Illinois, with one California-based restaurant called Herbal Notes presenting this experience. In addition, most of the other recreationally legal states in the US have at least one supper club style restaurant, including Colorado, Washington and Oregon, all of which offer this consumer journey. Nevertheless, it seems that the supper club scene in Los Angeles is growing at a rapid pace since January, and this busy, thriving city may turn out to be at the top of the supper clubs list by the end of 2018.

Final Thoughts on Cannabis Supper Clubs

If you enjoy restaurant-quality food or even fine-dining and feel connected to marijuana and its powerful ability to heal, help and nurture, then attending a cannabis supper club might be a way for you to obtain the full-bodied experience of these two aspects joining together. Luckily for foodies and all those that enjoy tasty meals, many of the restaurants and pop-ups that offer these cannabis supper club menus, also try to be inventive and creative with their dishes, which is part of what makes the supper club adventure so distinctive and sometimes even eccentric. Although we only touched base on a few of the outstanding cannabis supper clubs in the world, many more of these restaurants and pop-up spots do exist, so there are plenty of options to try. We hope you found this article to not only be entertaining, but also educational and informative. It is important to remember that the consumption of marijuana is the sole responsibility of the user, and discretion should always be taken.