The Best Munchies to Eat While High

There are many things we associate with a good high – giggles, full body relaxation, and killer social skills, to name but a few! But nothing quite compares to the insatiable hunger that strikes everyone at some point during his or her high experience.

We will be the first to admit that there can be some undesirable side effects attached to specific strains, but one symptom of a smoke that we can’t get enough of is the good old-fashioned munchies!

Any weed lover will tell you that there is nothing worse than getting caught short without snacks during a smoking session, but knowing what to get can be tricky! To help you along the way we have put together our top five favorite go-to snacks for your next smoke!

#1 Pizza – The Legendary Snack

Pizza is always a good call, stoned or not – but there is something extra special about a hot cheesy pizza that is topped with your favorite flavors when you’ve enjoyed a few joints!

Whether you are a margarita kind of person or prefer a meat-filled pizza, the options are pretty endless with this food! You simply just can’t beat kicking back with your friends and waiting for that doorbell to ring – that’s right, with this treat you don’t even need to leave the sofa until it arrives piping hot to your door!

We love a deep-pan pizza topped with extra cheese, pepperoni and mushrooms, followed by a big old joint to finish things off!

#2 Ice Cream – The Dessert King

There is a lot to be said for ice cream; this creamy frozen delight comes in all kinds of flavors, from chocolate to vanilla, Neapolitan, coffee, and brownie . . . The list goes on! Almost a dessert underdog, you can’t go wrong with a nice cooling ice cream to soothe that post-smoke throat burn.

With so many amazing brands offering innovative flavors, it can be tough to know where to go for the perfect weed accompaniment. Ben & Jerry’s for one offer so many wild and wonderful flavors that you could spend hours in the store making your choice!

Ultimately, whether it’s a scorching summer day or mid-winter, ice cream will ALWAYS deliver the perfect sweet and creamy treat. Try not to eat the whole tub all at once!

#3 Chips – The Salty Treat

While there is sometimes nothing better than enjoying a quiet doobie on a Sunday night, most of us prefer to smoke in company. Whether it’s just you and a loved one on date night, or a gang of your friends, sharing is caring when it comes to our favorite bud!

To avoid going down in the history books as the worst host, it is always wise to buy in a few staple snacks that are good for sharing for when those munchies kick in! This is where chips make the grade as possibly one of the best munchies for when you are insanely high.

Not only are they cheap to buy, but you can cater to everyone easily with a few different flavors. There is nothing quite as good as that first flavorful crunch when you’ve had a few joints. Remember to buy plenty, because you will find your hand hitting the bottom of the bag before you know it!

#4 Chocolate – The Must-Have Snack

Who doesn’t love chocolate? It’s the perfect snack for any occasion. White, dark, or dairy – they all bring something to the table, and when you’re high there is nothing better than a quick hit of chocolaty goodness!

For those looking to get something a bit healthier out of their cravings, dark chocolate offers an abundance of antioxidants! If you’re not bothered about the health benefits, white and dairy chocolate are just delicious and will complement most strains of weed!

Share bags of chocolate are a great option if you are hosting a weed get-together; make sure you have chilled it first – there’s nothing worse than melted chocolate when you’re too high to do anything about it!

#5 Cheeseburger – The Big Daddy of Stoner Munchies

Ask any high person what they would love to eat at that very moment, and we guarantee 4 out of 5 will say a cheeseburger. Big juicy patties surrounded by melted cheese and fresh buns; we’re practically drooling as we type!

Even if you’re not a big meat eater, or don’t touch the stuff at all, burgers are just an excellent option for when little snacks just won’t cut it! Veggie burgers, cheeseburgers, beef burgers, and chicken burgers – they are filling, hot, delicious, and can be delivered to you within an hour!

If you are feeling extra innovative, you can even create your own delicious burger creation, although we recommend maybe doing the bulk of the prep before you start smoking – to be on the safe side!!

Final Thoughts on the Best Munchies

Regardless of your persuasion, it is a truth universally accepted that food is crucial for any cannabis-related get together. Even when you stone alone, you will at some point find yourself turning in desperation to the 4-year-old cookies at the back of the cupboard.

To avoid any culinary disasters or disappointments, we recommend you choose at least one item from our top five list; and thank us later!