Weed + Travel: Here Are a Few of the Best Marijuana Festivals in the U.S.

You must attend #4 at some point in your life…

For cannabis fanatics and regular consumers, there aren’t many things better in this world than some fresh, green marijuana. The only thing that might actually be a step up is an entire festival dedicated to weed. Luckily for those who adore marijuana, cannabis-related festivals have become a common thing to discover, especially throughout regions of the United States where cannabis is legal for of-age consumption. There are more than a hundred weed-related festivals nowadays to attend and enjoy, some of which are 100% free and open to the public.

Others are a bit more costly, but they include a bounty of musical entertainment, quality ganja and plenty of socializing with like-minded individuals. Even if you aren’t a regular cannabis consumer, a marijuana festival is a unique experience within itself, and is worth attending to see just how much this industry has grown throughout the US (and beyond) in the last several years.

Keep reading to discover some of the best marijuana festivals in the U.S.

1. High Times Cannabis Cup:

Probably the most notorious and famous of all the possible marijuana festivals, the High Times Cannabis Cup terms itself as “the world’s leading cannabis event and the most trusted marijuana strain competition in the cannabis industry.” Indeed, the Cup has undoubtedly made a name for itself over the years, with its origins beginning way back in 1988. Although technically starting out as a cannabis festival in Amsterdam, the reason why this must-attend annual gathering has made it on our U.S. list is because since 1988, the event has expanded into multiple locations, including Southern California where it is held once a year.

Typically taking place in the desert city of San Bernardino, the High Times Cannabis Cup is an opportunity of a lifetime where attendees get the chance to experience a vape lounge, an edibles village, a live grow room and even a topical massage spa. If you’re any kind of a pot aficionado, it is quite literally a “cannaisseurs” paradise.

The Cannabis Cup is normally a three-day event, and once you walk into the venue you can immediately sense the excitement and sheer pleasure of everyone who is there. Some years, the event even offers intriguing, somewhat cannabis-unrelated attractions which include petting zoos with baby goats, super slides, and various art exhibits.

Of course, though, you get your classic fill of weed products and entertainment, including the competition that judges the best edibles, vape pens, concentrates, strains and buds of the year. The winner of each of these categories are awarded the prestigious “Cannabis Cup” title, and are henceforth forever tied with the prestigious High Times Winners name.

And lastly, patrons get to listen to live music performances by famous artists and rappers, which in the past has included Lil Wayne, NAS, 2 Chainz, Rich the Kid and Rick Ross, just to name a few. Although this is not a free event, tickets are relatively affordable and for the amount of stuff that comes with admission, the event is definitely worth it.

2. Emerald Cup:

Focusing primarily on outdoor, sustainable farming and organic cannabis practices, the Emerald Cup takes place in the weed Mecca of Northern California, where so much of the United States cannabis supply is cultivated. Concentrated on displaying the best-of-the-best medical marijuana available, as well as simultaneously educating those who are interested in the variety of topics that are presented, the Emerald Cup serves as a bridge for experts and master cultivators alike to connect with local growers, farmers, patrons and patients in an effort to re-ground the cannabis experience.

The Emerald Cup is not only a chance for the local community to celebrate, though – it has spread immensely in recent years, and has even been called the “Academy Awards for Cannabis” by Rolling Stone Magazine. Held annually in Santa Rosa, California, the Emerald Cup may have started out small, but has now grown to a massive, weekend festival that attracts individuals from all over the world.

3. Hempfest:

A cannabis festival with a real and important mission in mind, Hempfest runs under the direction of marijuana pioneer and advocate Vivian McPeak, who serves to educate the world about the multitude of uses for the cannabis plant. In today’s increasingly pro-marijuana population, this work is critical in order for the public to become more informed and more understanding of the global importance of hemp.

Also, the 3-day event works to remove much of the stigma surrounding cannabis legalization, as well as the negative energy that encompasses businesses and companies that are tied in with the marijuana industry.

Coined a “protestival”, Hempfest is 100% free to attend and typically attracts those who are in support of marijuana rights and who want to help spread the good word. The event is held in Seattle, Washington and is actually known to be the world’s largest annual gathering that is advocating for decriminalized marijuana, and freer cannabis regulations. Moreover, Hempfest always has the latest and greatest cannabis arrivals on display, including new smoking devices, vape exhibits, munchie booths, tons of live music, and impactful speech presenters.

4. Kush Stock:

Describing itself as the nation’s biggest free cannabis-related festival, Kush Stock is held every year in San Bernardino, California. The event has been rapidly expanding in popularity, so it makes sense why artists such as 2 Chainz, Juicy J, Tame Impala and Warpaint have obliged to perform in recent years.

Furthermore, lots of informative vendors are present, and they offer a (literal) taste of the best up and coming ganja creations – many of which have yet to even be released on the market.

In addition to highlighting an array of musical guests and talented live entertainment, Kush Stock also features live glass blowing artists, as well as other artists (such as graffiti) who exhibit their work to a live, onlooking crowd.

5. Chalice:

Chalice is quite a unique marijuana festival because its prime concentration is actually on the glass that you use to smoke weed from, rather than the weed itself. Their slogan is actually: “Music, Glass, Hash, Art”.

Considered a massive meeting of glass blowers from all walks of life (and all of those who want to witness what they’re capable of creating), Chalice is not only a celebration of weed but is also an opportunity for cannabis-related art to be shared, distributed, purchased, exchanged and appreciated.

Held outside of San Bernardino, California in a town called Victorville, this annual event is 3 days long and you must be at least 21 years of age in order to enter the grounds. There is plenty of live music of course, much of which consists of performances by well-known electronic and Hip-Hop artists who are especially popular amongst the marijuana community. In the past, some of these groups have included the likes of Thriftworks, Bassnectar, Cypress Hill, Ice Cube, Ludacris, and Wu-Tang Clan, among many others.

6: High Life:

Primarily a celebration of hip-hop and other similar styles of music, High Life’s name is pretty self-explanatory; this event makes you feel high on life. In addition to representing hip-hop, this 2-day festival is also a huge advocate for medical marijuana legalization, and displays all the latest technologies, products and advancements that pertain to it. Even if the festival primarily centers around medical marijuana, though, you don’t actually need your card in order to attend – you just have to be at least 18 years of age.

For those that do have their MMJ card, though, you have access to the special “prop 215” medicated area, and if you happen to run out of time to get your certification beforehand, don’t even worry for a second because there is an area in the venue where you can actually receive a medical card on site.

High Life offers patrons a chance to witness how the best marijuana breeders, cultivators, chefs and extraction artists in the industry work and operate, in addition to just how much these skillful masters are capable of. The event takes place in sunny Southern California in San Bernardino (which seems to be where most of the fun weed events are located). It is inexpensive to attend and definitely worth it because you’ll get to see artists like Waka Flocka, Rick Ross, Bone Thugs N Harmony, Chanel West Coast, Yo Gotti, Fat Joe, and more perform live.

Final Thoughts on Weed and Travel:

If you’ve been considering attending a cannabis festival and didn’t know where to begin your search, or if you were simply curious about the existence of marijuana festivals, then we hope that this article has provided some ideas and choices for the next time you want to venture out into a brand new weed experience.

We hope you not only found this article to be entertaining, but also educational and informative. It is important to remember that the consumption of cannabis is the sole responsibility of the user and discretion should always be taken.