Weird Things That Have Caused More Deaths Than Weed

When it comes to marijuana, most of the old fogeys believe that it is the spawn of the devil and this green plant needs to be eliminated from society. This is despite the fact that many of them spent their formative years in the 1960s and 1970s smoking themselves, with little to no negative effects on their well-being, except for maybe clouding their judgement it seems!

People are always wondering why marijuana is still illegal in most places. The majority of the time the reason is cold, hard cash and ill-informed people.

Many of the leading politicians who campaign against making marijuana legal will point towards dubious health studies that have been conducted by many of the anti- marijuana lobbyists, which cannot be trusted.

There is also a myth out there that people who smoke marijuana are lazy and sit on their couch all day taking bong hits.

Finally, there are many groups that lobby against the legalisation of marijuana as it will harm their bottom line, such as the tobacco and alcohol industries. These lobbyists give money to politicians so that they will oppose the legalization of marijuana.

For those people who are misinformed about marijuana, they think that there are many health dangers associated with smoking a blunt on a regular basis. This is despite the fact that no objective studies have found there to be any problems associated with smoking it in the long run. It is far healthier than consuming cigarettes and alcohol when it comes to physical and mental health.

Here are 5 things that have killed more people than marijuana.

Prescription drugs

Prescription Cannabis

Each and every year, more than 47,000 people will die as a result of an overdose on prescription drugs. This does not even count those people who when they run out of a prescription for certain painkilling drugs.

They subsequently turn to the streets and use heroine or a similar opiate in order to get the effects of these drugs at a cheaper price. This leads to more deaths that will result from sustained use of these harmful drugs. Marijuana is a great way of soothing pain and relaxing, without becoming a pricey habit to maintain.


Coconut tree

Did you know that coconuts are dangerous? Every year, they manage to kill around 150 people when they fall down form the trees. This is in contrast to marijuana, which has been shown to kill nobody on an annual basis, 150 people less than are killed by coconuts. You might think twice the next time you are near a coconut tree!

Vending Machines

Vending Machines


Ever put your money in a vending machine to get a snack and it does not come out all the way? You will probably try to shake the machine or stick your arm up into the device in order to try pry your snack out of it.

Other people might even try to get a free snack by tampering with a vending machine. This is not always the best idea, as 37 people have been killed by vending machines while trying to get a snack. Remember this the next time you are trying to get that elusive chocolate bar to fall out of the vending machine.


A lot of people who are staunchly against the consumption of marijuana consume copious amounts of alcohol on a regular basis. This brings with it a huge amount of problems in the long run. Each and every year, over 88,000 people die from excessive alcohol consumption. You can save money and your health by smoking a blunt instead.


Spoon Cannabis


Yes, you read that correctly. More people have been killed by incidents related to spoons than they have from marijuana usage. How can you get killed by a spoon related incident you may ask? People have somehow managed to swallow and choke on spoons, leading to more deaths than are attributed to getting your smoke on with some marijuana. Stay safe and put down the spoons, smoke a joint instead!