How to Know the Best Vape Temperature for Weed

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Best Vape Temperature

If you never really thought too much about specific temperatures when loading up your favorite vaporizer, don’t feel too bad – not a whole lot of people do.

As it turns out, though, knowing the best vape temperature for weed can make all the difference in the world in terms of the high (or lack thereof) that you receive. And not only that, vaping at the right temp for the specific type of cannabis that you’re smoking can be much healthier in the long run – especially compared to traditional smoking.

Also, believe it or not, setting your vape temperature can actually help to “customize” the therapeutic (or high-producing) effects that you feel; if you’ve been feeling anxious or paranoid recently after vaping high-THC weed and would rather tone it down a bit to feel more relaxed and sedated (or to help you fall asleep), then it may be as simple as adjusting the temp dial on your machine.

In this article, we talk all about the best vape temperatures for weed; cannabis has a lot of important functional compounds in it (in addition to THC and CBD), and each one of them has a very specific temperature at which they boil. Knowing these temps and adjusting your vaporizer accordingly can transform you from a rookie vaper, to a veritable weed pro practically overnight.

How to Know the Right Temperature to Vaporize Marijuana


It’s been said for decades that no two marijuana strains are the same. And as such, no two strains should have to be vaped at the same exact temperature. Here’s the thing when it comes right down to it – if you go and spend god knows how much money on a fancy vaporizer with an adjustable temperature dial, you’re going to want to get the absolute most that you can out of the thing. And knowing the best temperatures to vape marijuana is the first step in taking full advantage of the machine’s function and design.

Here’s a short list of some of marijuana’s most significant chemical components and the respective temperatures that they begin to vape at:


  • THC (approx 315°F/157°C)
  • CBD (approx 356°F/180°C)
  • CBN (approx 365°F/185°C)
  • THCv (approx 428°F/220°C)


  • Pinene (approx 311°F/155°C)
  • Caryophyllene (approx 320°F/160°C)
  • Myrcene (approx 334°F/168°C)
  • Limonene (approx 349°F/176°C)
  • Linalool (approx 388°F/198°C)

Picking and choosing the effects of each component of the bud might seem as easy as setting the vape temperature to whatever temp the boiling point is, but unfortunately it’s not quite as easy as that.

best temperature to vape weed

This largely has to do with the amount of moisture that’s still left in the bud that you’re vaping; if it’s still pretty moist (i.e. has a lot of water in it) then a large portion of the vaporizer’s heat will be used in burning the water off. This is why…

“It’s recommended to set them temp about 10° higher than whatever specific compound you’re wanting to vape”

For example, let’s say that you’ve packed your favorite vaporizer full of some deliciously dank Jack Herer, and want to take advantage of the large amounts of focus-enhancing pinene that it has without getting yourself super duper stoned. Since pinene has a (relatively) low boiling temp of 311°F/155°C, and THC has a boiling temp of 315°F/157°C, setting the vape at exactly this temperature might be a good choice to achieve that uplifting, focus-enhancing buzz without going overboard and inducing a THC-induced state of anxiety.

In reality, there are so many weed users who make the mistake of vaping their buds (or oils, shatters, dabs etc) at too high of a temperature. If you’re one of the folks who tends to get a little nervy or even paranoid after hitting some especially potent weed, then you really might want to consider getting yourself a vape that will let you dial the temperature down just a bit – it might make all the difference in the world.

Vape Temps for Weed: The Higher the Temp, the More Intense the High?

Generally speaking, the higher the temp that you vape your buds at, the more intense of a high you’re going to feel. A lot of people will just crank their machine up to well over 400°F/204°C with the intention of getting as high as humanly possible, and this is of course perfectly fine — if that’s your end goal.

However, there are others out there that would rather experience a more calming, sedative effect that leaves them totally clear-headed and functional while still producing a slight buzz. If this sounds like what you’re after (and/or if you want to try and avoid that THC-induced paranoia, lethargy, etc), then you really might benefit from vaping at a temp between 300-330°F or 149-165°C.

This will allow you to experience the calming, mood-enhancing effects of many cannabis terpenes while still releasing enough THC to produce weed’s therapeutic effects. There’s a fairly significant gap between about 320-334°F in terms of the amount of active weed compounds that are released, so if you stay under that 334°F/168°C mark then you’ll likely avoid the harder-hitting effects of the more potent marijuana strains.

If you want slightly more of a buzz than low-temp (under 330°F) vaping offers, but still don’t want to get out-and-out stoned, then perhaps try a temp range between about 340-390°F or 171-199°C. And for that intense high and maximum mind-altering euphoria (or if you’re trying to ease insomnia or severe pain), anything over this will likely suit just fine.

Choose the Right Marijuana Strain and “Customize” Your High

OG Kush Top View

As easy as it sounds to simply adjust your vape temperature to control the high and “customize” your weed experience, it’s actually probably easier just to pick a specific strain with a cannabinoid and terpene profile that matches the effects you want to feel.

For example if you’re after a really mellow, soothing high that offers pain and anxiety-relieving benefits, you might want to try and pick a strain that has a high CBD and low THC content, or at least a strain with about a 3:1 THC to CBD ratio (but preferably closer to 1:1). This will provide all of the therapeutic/medicinal effects of cannabis while avoiding that “overdoing it” feeling.

In fact, there was a study done in the Netherlands a few years back that tested various temperature-dependent effects of a single marijuana strain using the infamous Volcano Vaporizer.

In one experiment, it was observed that the Volcano only released 24% of the strain’s cannabinoids when set at a temp of 338°F, while nearly 80% of them were released at a temp of 446°F. In terms of subsequent effects on the human body, this is a very significant difference.

Here’s what cannabis researcher Dr. Arno Hazekamp had to say on the overall results of the study:

“If a user vaporizes cannabis below 180°C (356°F), they will mainly inhale terpenes because cannabinoids won’t evaporate [completely] at low temperatures … [however] lower temperatures can be ideal for those who want a less intense and more awake high.”

marijuana strain

He went on to say that users who consistently vape at temperatures above 450°F may actually be doing themselves more harm than good, at least in terms of utilizing the functional premise of a vaporizer: “Users should take caution not to vaporize at or above 235°C (455°F),” he says, “since the vapor will become harsh and could start to burn. When that happens, you are creating the same toxic compounds as [you are] when you smoke.”

For what it’s worth, the flame from a normal lighter that’s used to combust (smoke) weed in a joint or bowl can burn at temps well over 4,000°F. Of course, the “final” temperature by the time it gets to your bowl, bong, joint, or lungs is far cooler than this — otherwise sparking up would probably leave us dead (or at least with no eyebrows).

Obtaining the Best Vape Pen Temperature for Weed is not as Easy as You Think

Even though you can significantly alter the effects that you feel from marijuana by adjusting the temperature on your vaporizer, the whole process is still easier said than done, as many vaporizers are pretty unreliable and inaccurate in terms of setting a specific temperature.

This is especially true with cheap, low-quality vape pens where “hot spots” on the e-coils are very frequent, and relying on an exact temperature can be all but useless. In fact, you’re probably well aware that most inexpensive vape pens don’t even have an option to adjust the temperature – you simply inhale on the tip, and the e-coils inside are activated — many times at a temperature beyond the “healthy” 455°F/235°C mark.

Thus, if you’re wanting to take full advantage of understanding the best temperatures for vaporizing weed, you’ve really got no choice other than to drop the cash on a high-end, pricey instrument. This can, of course, include something like a full-size Volcano, but if you’re wanting something more discreet and portable, there are a few really good options out there – you just have to know what to look for.

The PAX 3 or DaVinci IQ, for example, are regarded as some of the best weed vaporizers to have ever hit the market. They use state-of-the-art materials in the heating chamber, which help to pinpoint temperature settings to the hundredth of a degree. (Check them out at DaVinci Vaporizers or PAX 3 Vape Labs).

Final Thoughts on the Best Vape Temperatures for Weed

In short, low-temp vaping generally produces a less intense high than “hi-temp” vaping, while still administering many of weed’s therapeutic effects and providing a mild, clear-headed buzz. (“Low-temp” is usually described at vaping under 340°F/171°C).

So if you’re wanting to take control of your vaping experience – and ultimately your cannabis experience in general – then you might seriously want to consider investing in a quality vaporizer that lets you adjust and set the temperature control according to the specific effects that you want to feel. Marijuana use has officially entered the 21st century, and it’s “high” time you get up to speed with the game.

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    Remember that every liquid or strain would have a different best temperature. So either experiment or research, but it would really alleviate your experience of smoking.

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    Thanks, I always new this, but had never thought of actually implementing it. It was like you know something at the back of your mind…..although cannot remember all the details you mentioned, I have picked THC (approx 315°F) and will always go according to this from now on…there is so much information about which weed to use, which vape to use, but this is the first one I came across for which temperature to use….and that actually makes the real difference to the high I got…

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    a lot of patients I know are skeptical about the lack of smoke clouds coming out. This is obviously Pavlovian as we associate our medicine from the old days when you had to smoke it. It’s kind of like cigs, Nic patches are safer, provide you the chemical, yet many people are unsatisfied with them. I encourage people to not give up on vaping because you “don’t think you get huge hits until you crank it up” when you “crank it up” you get close to combustion which besides the health risks (which no matter what anybody tells you smoking joints and blunts are EXPONENTIALLY worse for your lungs than tobacco, you alter and destroy beneficial chemicals from the high heat. I think this site is extremely important because when people do not understand the underlying concept of vaping they tend to reject it without giving it a chance. I believe vaping to be the modern day equivalent to water pipes, reduce the tat and harshness at the very least. It goes beyond that though if you do your research you can tailor your medicine and how it effects you by the evaporation point meaning you can customize the effects you find important to your situation. before there were ever vape machines we had a chemistry professor that would advise people heat up the stove with some “tobacco” on it and catch the invisible vapors in a glass. Then suck the air outta that glass. Worked then, works now. I personally dont like the “bags” because they have a lot of surface area that medicine can stick to. I do however think vaping is the safe way to go, start out at low evap temps and work your way up till you find your sweet spot. don’t be deterred by not seeing clouds.
    **This is purely an academic comment I do not vape or smoke or consume anything not FDA approved**

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