The 5 Best High THC and Low CBD Cannabis Strains

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high thc marijuana strains

With hundreds of marijuana strains on the market, choosing the right one for your specific medical condition is far from an easy task. Before discovering its medicinal properties, most patients had never tried marijuana, so there is an element of mystery to the process. Fortunately for you, we’ve uncovered five of the best high THC / low CBD marijuana strains and outlined the medical conditions best suited to this form of natural medication.

What is Delta9-Tetrahydrocannabinol

Its real name is delta9-Tetrahydrocannabinol, but that doesn’t roll off the tongue quite as easily as THC! It is arguably the most famous compound (cannabinoid) in marijuana and is famed for its psychoactive high. Incidentally, THC is found as an acid in the raw form of marijuana.

THC was first isolated in 1964, but the binding sites for THC in the brain were not discovered until 1988. In that year, Dr. Allyn Howlett discovered that the compound attached itself to our cannabinoid receptors (a group of special cell sites). Each one of these receptors act as part of our endocannabinoid system (ECS) which is a cell receptor network responsible for regulating various body functions.

In simple terms, THC binds to a receptor, and the result is the ignition of a series of chemical reactions which lead to changes in the mind and body. Once THC engages your brain, you’ll experience altered cognitive and behavioral ability. Basically, you see and experience things in a completely different way when you consume THC.

The Other Cannabinoid; CBD

Cannabidiol is the other well-known compound in marijuana, and unlike THC, it does not provide you with the psychoactive high. Moreover, marijuana strains with relatively high levels of CBD can counteract the effects of THC. As is the case with THC, CBD impacts the ECS, and the result is a wide array of medical benefits.

CBD gained international fame for helping a young girl named Charlotte Figi by reducing the number of seizures she suffered as part of her rare medical condition, Dravet’s Syndrome. Charlotte Figi’s story proved that CBD could be used in medicine as it didn’t make her ‘high’. Since then, hemp-based products containing high levels of CBD and low levels of THC have become legal to purchase as food supplements across the United States.

What Medical Conditions Can High THC/ Low CBD Marijuana Strains Help?

There is a sad irony about the anti-marijuana rhetoric we hear from people who advocate prescription medication. They claim that THC turns people into zombies when in reality, those unfortunate enough to be ‘on’ a variety of legally prescribed Big Pharma drugs are the ones that live in a semi-vegetative state.

At the time of writing, medical marijuana is legal in 29 states and D.C. The tight controls on marijuana mean it is difficult for researchers to study the effects of THC on different medical conditions. However, there is enough evidence to suggest it works to help control pain and alleviate some of the symptoms of conditions such as AIDS/HIV, Arthritis, Alzheimer’s, Crohn’s Disease, Cancer and much more.

A 2007 study by Haney et al. involved ten marijuana smokers with HIV. Consumption of cannabis resulted in improvements in sleep patterns, appetite, and mood. A 2006 study by Blake et al. involved 58 arthritis patients and discovered that use of marijuana reduced the level of pain felt by the volunteers and they also enjoyed better sleep.

It is clear that THC works well when it comes to reducing the level of pain felt by patients. It is also an excellent method of stimulating appetite, and it improves the quality and quantity of sleep.

5 of the Most Popular High THC/Low CBD Marijuana Strains

Green Crack Marijuana Strain

1 – Cookies Kush (The Award Winning Marijuana Strain)

This marijuana strain was a Cannabis Cup winner in 2014 and has taken the marijuana world by storm. It is an indica dominant strain (70%) with 15-18% THC and 3% CBD. Cookies Kush is a cross of Rolex Kush and Girls Scout Cookies strains and was bred specifically to be sold in coffee shops in Amsterdam.

If you’ve never experienced the high brought about by Cookies Kush, prepare for an initially confusing, yet invigorating experience. You’ll be hit with a sedative feeling right off the bat, but soon, you’ll feel mellow waves of energy which means that while you’ll feel lazy, you’ll still have the wherewithal to perform tasks if need be.

The aforementioned effects mean Cookies Kush is an excellent marijuana strain for treating ailments such as chronic pain, digestive problems, depression and muscle spasms. When smoking Cookie Kush, you’ll get a lime aroma followed by a sour apple aftertaste.

2 – Violator Kush (The Marijuana Strain If You Want The Munchies)

This is unquestionably one of the strongest THC marijuana strains on the market as it can contain anywhere from 19-23%. Its low CBD content of 2% means Violator Kush is a potent cannabis strain. It is indica dominant (80%) and is a cross between the well-known Hindu Kush and Malana marijuana strains.

Unlike Cookies Kush, this marijuana strain’s high is a slow-moving affair as you’ll feel a lazy body buzz accompanied by a slight level of euphoria. Once you reach this stage, however, things move along rapidly as you end up with droopy red eyes but become intensely sociable. During the high, you’ll have a case of couch-lock and remain in one place.

Violator Kush is ideal for conditions such as chronic pain, gastrointestinal disorder, insomnia, and arthritis. If you are having troubles sleeping and eating, Violator Kush is perfect because it gives you a major case of the munchies and then knocks you out!

3 – Red Dragon (The Fire Breathing Marijuana Strain)

This is a sativa dominant (60%) blend that is ideal for first-time users of high THC products. Its THC content varies between 10 and 20%, but it normally averages out at 16%. It is an Asian flower that is a cross of Himalayan Kush and Utopian Haze.

Although it is suitable for newcomers, Red Dragon does elicit a powerful response, and it is not the best option if you have anxiety because it can bring about feelings of paranoia. Red Dragon produces a euphoric high that makes you feel sleepy yet hungry.

As a result, it is ideal for anyone suffering from a wasting or eating disorder. Red Dragon is also used to treat fatigue, inflammation, migraines, mood swings, AD/HD and arthritis. Other potential side effects include dry mouth and dizziness.

4 – Vanilla Kush (The Sedative Marijuana Strain)

This is an indica dominant (70%) Dutch marijuana strain with an extremely high level of THC that can reach up to 20%. It is well-named because smokers are rewarded with a delightful scent and taste of vanilla along with some sweet lavender notes.

It has approximately 1% CBD which means it is best left to experienced users because newcomers could become overwhelmed by the powerful high. If you have a strong enough constitution, you should be able to remain active despite the sedative effects of Vanilla Kush.

It is known as an easy to cultivate strain so users with the means can grow their own as long as it is legal in their state! Vanilla Kush is typically used to treat fibromyalgia, PTSD, PMS, loss of appetite, and chronic pain.

5 – Blue Cheese (The Food Lover’s Marijuana Strain)

This is a famous marijuana strain and is indica dominant (80%). Its THC level is high at up to 20%, and it gives off an aroma best described as a mix between blue cheese and sweet blueberries. It offers a flavor that is clearly different to the rest of the Cheese varieties on the market.

Once you consume some Blue Cheese, you’ll be rewarded with a body high along with a sense of euphoria and extreme body relaxation. It is important to note that you may experience side effects such as dry mouth and dry eyes.

Blue Cheese is used to treat bipolar disorder, PTSD, chronic pain, loss of appetite and depression. It is the perfect marijuana strain to relieve stress at night, and since it gives you a case of the munchies, it is worth stocking up on your favorite foods.

Final Thoughts about High THC Strains

If you suffer from chronic pain as a result of one of the medical conditions mentioned in the article, high THC marijuana strains could be the ideal remedy. However, it is important to remember that these cannabis strains carry a powerful psychoactive high which means we recommend using them in the safety of your home in the evening or at night.

  1. Samuel Walker
    Kush Kush

    Kush family is no wonder one of the best when it comes to weed popularity, most of the people like this strain, and it is good in all respects. A huge benefit is also that it is available easily everywhere and does not have a lot of side effects. So I would recommend The kush strains in the list above.

  2. R1
    CBD/THC oil for cancer?

    Has anyone used any of these oils for cancer? Please I need to know which one I should buy for my mother that deals with cancer. I hear Rick Simpson and others cured by using oil . Thank you

  3. Nancy Walker

    Blue Cheese is an amazing strain. It’s really helped give me some relief from my anxiety.

  4. Christy Kane

    Red dragon is my favorite, it really works

  5. Nancy Hales

    Vanilla kush has all the properties that make it awesome for healing pms.

  6. Nancy Hayes

    Violator kush is an ideal strain for insomnia. It has the perfect balance of THC and CBD.

  7. Edith Garrison

    Cookies strain certainly seems to have the best combination of THC and CBD.

  8. Bobbie Martinez

    Great review. Love this strain Red dragon. Hard to come by but it has some killer THC in it

  9. Elizabeth Dee

    Blue cheese is my pick. It is great for anxiety, taking in the morning before leaving home. It is wonderful.

  10. Tammy Brandon

    I’ve always suffered from from anxiety. Red dragon seems to help

  11. Kelly Pye

    Violator kush is my favorite when I feel like munching. It relieves me of my joint pains it tastes pretty awesome

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