Best Smoking Device to Get High

Along with universal inevitabilities like getting fat and going bald, one of the hallmark indications of “getting old” is the tendency to bemoan the coddled existence of our nation’s youth. In other words, all of us “old farts” have at some point or another lashed out in unholy rage at what’s come to be known as, “The Kids These Days.”

Lazy, spoiled, naive, pampered – however you want to label them, youth certainly takes a lot of unrelenting hate from us “old timers.” Is some of it merited? No doubt. However, the sad reality is that most of it is probably borne out of spite, as well as our own personal dissatisfaction with growing old and losing touch with the times.

In today’s world of ultra hi-tech cannabis consumption, this is proving to ring especially true. Kids these days are smoking – and vaping – out of devices that look for all the world like something Will Smith would’ve used to erase our memory back in the 90’s.

But are these wickedly-advanced gizmos really any better at getting us stoned than the nice, artful, tightly-wrapped joints that we used to roll? In this article, we take an objective look at this question in order to determine whether or not kids these days really do use the best smoking devices to get high, or whether they’re just being suckered into foolish, unnecessary marketing gimmicks.

#1: Dab Rigs

While not too advanced in a technological sense, dab rigs can involve highly intricate glasswork and intimidating-looking “nails” that, to the unknowing eye, probably look like they’re made for something far less innocuous than marijuana.

The act of dabbing is becoming pretty popular among youthful stoners these days, wherein absurdly concentrated bits of cannabis resin (wax, shatter, butter, etc) are “dabbed” onto the red hot nail in order to produce massive vapor clouds of almost pure THC (or CBD) concentrate.

In fact, a lot of these concentrates contain THC levels in excess of 90%, which is of course an inconceivable amount to most of the stoners of yesteryear. And indeed, the high that is produced can be intense – and even hallucinogenic – with more than a few “dabbers” ending up in the emergency room after suffering fierce bouts of THC-induced paranoia.

If the “traditional” marijuana high isn’t radical enough for you, then maybe you’d enjoy the ultra-high impact of a dab hit. Otherwise, we’ll leave this one for the kids.

Dab rigs: Yay or Nay? We’re split 50/50 on this one.

#2: Vape Pens / Portable Vaporizers

In an unfortunate twist of progressive fate, portable vaporizers and vape pens are becoming nearly as ubiquitous these days as the indefatigable joint. Since they operate at much lower temperatures, though, and vaporize the weed rather than combust it, they’re likely far healthier on our lungs.

However, some people say that – for whatever reason – the lower temperatures don’t provide as much of a high as a normal joint or bowl. Given the probable health benefits, though, it’s likely a tradeoff that’ll be well worth it in the long run. Like them or not, vape pens are most definitely one of the best smoking devices to get high.

Vape Pens: Yay or Nay? Yay (because of the likely health benefits).

#3: E-cigarettes

There are of course dozens of varieties of CBD and THC e-cigs out there these days (some people might even categorize them in the same class as vape pens), but the simple fact is that manufacturers are putting some pretty scary chemicals into the e-liquid oil.

Compounds like propylene glycol (PG) and polyethylene glycol (PEG) are commonly used as thinning agents in order to be compatible with the e-cig’s wick, but the problem is that under high enough temperatures (anything over about 400℉), both of these compounds are known to break down into formaldehyde, which is a known carcinogen.

Call me crazy, but I’ll take my chances with the old-school joint, thank you very much.

E-cigarettes: Yay or Nay? Since the thought of inhaling gas formaldehyde doesn’t sound too appealing, we’re going with Nay.

#4: Edibles (Not really a “smoking device” to get high, but…)

Similar to dabs, THC and CBD edibles are becoming a popular method for consuming wickedly high amounts of cannabinoids in a short period of time. Also similar to dabs, the subsequent high that’s produced from these edibles (most of which are made in the form of gummies) has landed more than a few unfortunate kids in the hospital due to intense paranoia and unexpected hallucinations.

That said, the obvious advantage of edibles is that fact that you don’t have to inhale tar-loaded smoke in order to get stoned — or to obtain the healing benefits of CBD.

Marijuana edibles: Yay or Nay? Given the health benefits and the fact that you can adjust the THC and CBD content as necessary, we will hesitantly go with “Yay”.

#5: Oil Concentrates

Cannabis oil concentrates – particularly CBD oils – have become almost annoying popular in recent years. Proponents are touting the fact that oils allow you to administer virtually pure cannabis extract directly to the bloodstream, which is an obvious benefit for those who use marijuana for medicinal purposes.

Oil concentrates can be made using THC or CBD (or both), but the high-CBD oils (which are entirely non-psychoactive) are especially promising since they’re opening up the world of therapeutic cannabis use to thousands of people who would otherwise never consider something like smoking or vaporizing.

Cannabis oil concentrates: Yay or Nay? The kids got this one right – big “Yay” on this one.

Final Thoughts on the Best Smoking Devices to Get High

Like it or not, the way the world is consuming marijuana is changing. And like Bob Dylan so wisely crooned back in the 1960’s, if you want to keep up with the times, then “you’d better start swimmin’ or else you’ll sink like a stone.”

While it may seem odd to inhale fruit-flavored CBD oil out of futuristic, electronic vaping devices or use titanium wands to dab 98% THC shatter (for an ass-kicking high), the simple fact is that weed use is changing for the better.

It’s easy enough to harp on “The Kids These Days” as being lazy, apathetic, or misinformed, but the bottom line is that their progressions have led to what truly are some of the best smoking devices to get high; and all in all, these devices will probably end up leading to the benefit for us all — and for that, we thank them.