Best Rolling Papers for Marijuana

Here are our top 5 brands
MarijuanaBreak Staff MarijuanaBreak Staff / Updated on November 28, 2018

Best Rolling Papers for Weed

If you aren’t a seasoned cannabis smoker, then you may be surprised to know that there is much more to it than the quality of the weed itself. Cannabis connoisseurs will be quick to tell you that every element is vital to the overall quality of the experience, and that includes everything from the bud itself to the papers you roll them in.

Rolling papers don’t seem like they could make too much of a difference when it comes to how much you enjoy a bud, but in fact, they can have a significant impact on a variety of factors. A poor rolling paper can cause unpleasant tastes, lead to a fit of coughing and burn quickly, meaning you spend more on smoking than you would with a better quality paper.

So, if you are sat there wondering whether you have been doing things wrong all these years, don’t worry – we have put together our favorite rolling papers for the perfect cannabis experience!

#1 Clear Rolling Papers

This one is an oldie, but a goodie that has been around for many years. Clear rolling papers are indeed nothing new – but they are pretty awesome!

Perhaps not typically found in the majority of ‘favorites’ lists for rolling papers; however, we love these as a fun and a pretty aesthetically pleasing throwback to the simpler smoking times.
Let’s face it, due to legalization there are more smoking products than most of us know what to do with, so sometimes it is great to reminisce about the good old days.

Almost every decent brand do a range of clear papers, and they are super affordable so great for those social smoke sessions. Easy to use, fun to use, and perfect for showcasing your prettiest buds!

#2 Shine 24K Gold Rolling Papers

Okay, by now everyone and their mother has probably heard of the Shine 24K gold papers, so we had to include them didn’t we? As far as luxury joints go – you can’t get much flashier than these!

Without a doubt a premium product, these 24 karat gold papers aren’t cheap, but they are pretty stunning, and indeed a show stopper for those get togethers where you want to show off!

Perhaps a little bit of a novelty pick from us, but one that offers a great quality smoke that looks and feels incredible!

#3 RAW Papers

Perhaps one of the most well-known and popular brands of rolling paper, RAW have been around for some time now, and have indeed become industry favorites!

Whether you are opting for classic or hemp papers, RAW offer unrefined and natural products that offer a large canvas to work with.

You can even get RAW papers without the crease to avoid them running like many other papers with a crease tend to do; easy to roll, a delight to smoke – and a notorious favorite.

#4 Elements Rice Papers

Taking the crown as one of the most environmentally conscious brands going, Elements offer something truly unique for those smokers who prefer a natural approach to cannabis smoking.

Made from rice and sugar, the Elements rice papers don’t produce ash, instead caramelizing as they burn, making them a delight to smoke and super eco-friendly.

Originating from Spain, these papers do tend to burn faster than your standard; however, they are incredibly well priced considering the quality and quantity you get in a pack. They also offer a real pure bud taste – perfect to save for those delicious high-end buds!

#5 Zig Zag Rolling Papers

Last but by no means least is the reliable Zig Zag brand; ultra-affordable, even more accessible, and with more range than ever before, these are the perfect option for those smokers who find themselves caught short without any papers!
Ever been out and about and realized you have no rolling papers left? The chances are that you will have called into a garage and been able to get your hands on some Zig Zag papers.

Back in the day, you would only have the option of small cigarette papers, but Zig Zag have now got a vast range offering everything from ultra-thin to blunt wraps, so the world is your oyster!

Offering a great taste and a lovely, easy-to-use structure, the French-born brand is an absolute favorite of ours.

Final Thoughts: Are You Cutting Yourself Short with Your Rolling Papers?

The biggest thing to remember when it comes to smoking cannabis is that it is all a very personal experience. It is down to personal taste and preference on everything from bud to paper, so you may have a favorite we haven’t talked about today.

We would love to know if you have a go-to brand that isn’t on our list! Let us know in the comments your top five, or if you have tried any of ours!

  1. Armando Torres
    Expensive but nice

    RAW and Rolling Shine are two of my favorites, although using these makes my smoking very expensive, so I use these only sometimes, like while partying and stuff.

  2. Patricia Hasson
    Buy Some Good Quality Paper!

    I use Elements rice papers, and if these are not available, then I use the Zig-Zag ones. And I must say, these are really good. I do not know if the low quality papers could give a bout of coughing, as I have never experienced one, but one thing I can comment with certainty is that yes, they cost you heavy. The price of weed is huge as compared to the price of paper. And these low quality versions of rolling paper, tend to burn so quickly, that your entire weed is puffed away very soon. So better buy some good rolling paper and save money on the weed.

  3. Babak Badkoubei
    Great Information!

    Thank you for sharing this. You can also visit my website for the safest and natural rolling papers Glasstips

  4. David
    The best rolling paper 4 weed is cannaboost!

    After trying cannaboost, which is a rolling paper infused with terpenes, all I can say is that it’s the best one for those who want to get the best effect from their weed

    1. Anonymous
      Cannaboost does not increase the entourage effect

      Cannaboost was not tested, does not share the ingredients and is manufactured in Israel but not sold there, makes you wonder.
      I have tried it and except of a little smell and there for taste, there was no difference in effect and I felt like a fool for buying it without knowing anything about what is in it.

      1. Pablo
        This anonymous guy doesn't sound reliable

        Don’t know what you are talking about.

        I have tried it myself and it sure made a better effect from the weed I’m used to smoke, I even used less weed and got better effect then the portion I use with normal rolling paper

        Are you sure you tried it or you just trying to B/S?

        1. Annonymous
          Cannaboost is a well packaged scam

          Pablo are you sure that you are not David?
          Because I have and then decided to check their patent request.
          Their poor application says it all.
          Stating that something is 100% natural is as easy as claiming to stablize when in fact they only slapped some fixative and pressed hard. Nothing in their work proves that anything is left after being exposed to high heat and the fact that they do not sell it in the country in which it is manufactured says it all.

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