The Best Cannabis Strains for Joint Pain Relief

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MarijuanaBreak Staff MarijuanaBreak Staff / Updated on September 25, 2017

best strains for joint pains

According to statistics, 14.6 million individuals within the US alone reported having severe joint pain in 2014. Often times the term “joint pain” is combined with another condition, such as arthritis, which has an even higher rate of affecting the American population, with around 52.5 million adults reporting experiencing arthritis during 2010-2012.

These numbers rise even higher into the hundreds of millions when observed from a global perspective, and many are searching for alternative treatments of relief from joint pain, whether severe or mild; linked with another condition or standing alone. Medical cannabis may be an answer to diminishing constant discomforts that can only be managed on a pharmaceutical level with often addictive prescription painkillers.

Keep reading to learn more about joint pain and the 5 marijuana strains that could help…

What Is Joint Pain?

Joint pain is somewhat of a broad terminology, and it can be connected to a variety of causes and medical conditions. In some circumstances, joint pain is a result of an injury that is sourced within the tendons and ligaments surrounding the joints, while other times it can be linked to joint inflammation as a result of a different medical condition, for example: arthritis, osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. In some cases, some sexually transmitted diseases can have the symptom of joint pain, including gonorrhea and chlamydia, and in very rare situations it can be due to cancer within the joints.

Causes and Symptoms of Joint Pain

There are a multitude of causes of joint pain, some of which were mentioned in the prior section, but the list is long for possible causes of this uncomfortable and sometimes debilitating undergoing. Some of the causes include Lyme disease, Tendinitis, Lupus, Leukemia, Adult Still’s disease, sprains, broken bones, Bursitis and many more. Some symptoms often coupled with joint pain are stiffness, weakness, swelling, redness, tenderness, warmth, joint locking, less joint range of motion and others.

Conventional Medical Treatments for Joint Pain

There are a few conventional treatment methods that the medical community uses to manage the joint pains of individuals. Most commonly, over-the-counter pharmaceuticals are given regularly, primarily to patients with mild joint pain. Some of these medications include Tylenol, Aspirin, Advil, Motrin and Aleve. Prescription medications are also advised when the pain is more severe or long lasting, and typically are opioid derived; for example: hydrocodone, oxycodone and codeine. If prescription and over the counter medications don’t seem to provide relief, doctors sometimes decide to inject the affected joints with a steroid solution, which can prove beneficial for some. Working with a physical therapist is often also advised, because they can help to strengthen your muscles and keep you moving in the right ways, even if the pain is causing you to act otherwise.

Medical Marijuana and Joint Pain

medical marijuana for joint pains

Medical cannabis, widely recognized as an assistant for a multitude of medical conditions and debilitating situations, can be especially beneficial to those who must live life experiencing joint pain. Thankfully, there are many other marijuana strains beyond those we have listed below which can also be of benefit, but these are the five we believe might offer the most success.

5 Best Marijuana Strains for Joint Pain

1. Blueberry Pancakes (Indica Marijuana Strain)

Created through the crossbreeding of the hefty indica DJ Short Blueberry and another unknown indica, Blueberry Pancakes was born; a potent and relaxing indica that can be felt primarily within the body as a euphoric-like buzz. To the pleasant surprise of most consumers, Blueberry Pancakes lives up to its name, tasting exactly like blueberry pancakes do, making this marijuana strain utterly delicious and irresistible to those who have tried it. Aside from providing extreme support and relief for those with joint pain, Blueberry Pancakes marijuana also assists to lessen nausea, other physical discomforts and even insomnia. Many of those who endure joint pain also have trouble sleeping, so this helpful strain can prove to be a real medicine cabinet keeper. Best of all, the buds are a beautiful shade of purple, making them not only candy for the mouth, but also candy for the eyes.

THC: 20%.

2. Gorilla Glue #4 (Hybrid Marijuana Strain)

The relaxing and intoxicating hybrid that often times makes you feel “glued” to the couch, Gorilla Glue #4 works like magic to combat joint pain and other types of physical body discomfort. Even though it is best consumed as an after work delight or nighttime choice, it does not make you feel as sleepy or tired as a traditional indica might, thanks to a balanced blend of sativa genetics. Gorilla Glue #4 originated from the breeding of Chem’s Sister and Chocolate Diesel, and its buds are so sticky, you can easily get your fingers stuck when handling this cannabis. Because of the massive amount of trichomes, this marijuana strain is potent, so a little goes a long way.

THC: 26-31%.

3. Harlequin (Sativa Marijuana Strain)

Potent in rich and medicinal CBD, Harlequin is one of the few smokeable marijuana strains available commonly on the market that offers a high CBD content, making it especially beneficial for those with joint pain, because one of the best reliefs for joint pain is actually CBD. If you are someone that wakes up in pain, Harlequin is energizing and uplifting, making it suitable for even early mornings, before working, and its CBD content helps to keep the effects from becoming too psychoactive, so you could still perform a job as normal if need be. Harlequin contains a 5:2 CBD to THC ratio, so it keeps pain at bay, while also mellowing out any possible stress or anxiousness. A genetic combination of Thai sativa, Swiss sativa and Columbian Gold sativa.

THC: 4-7%.
CBD: 8-16%.

4. Critical Mass (Indica Marijuana Strain)

By far one of the best THC heavy marijuana strains to manage pain, including joint pain, the buds of Critical Mass grow so dense on the branch, that often times the plant can snap under its own weight. Bred from Afghani indica and Skunk No. 1 hybrid, this marijuana strain also manages stress and depression, along with insomnia, making it even more impactful for those who have trouble sleeping because of pain. Critical Mass’s aroma is earthy yet pungent, leaving a sweet taste on the tongue long after the smoke has passed. For those who are feeling down because of their joint pain or another related condition, Critical Mass has a profound ability to bring you back up and lift the spirits and the mind.

THC: 19-22%.
CBD: 5%.

5. Ghost Train Haze (Sativa Marijuana Strain)

Another sativa dominant marijuana strain suitable for daytime and morning use, Ghost Train Haze features high levels of THC, offering a concentrated dose of healing for those who want relief from pain, particularly joint pain and arthritis. Additionally, it can also assist with depression and appetite loss, but is not well suited for those who are prone to anxiety, for it can heighten this condition or feeling. Ghost Train Haze hits heavy, generating an overall uplifting and energizing buzz, with a flavor reminiscent of floral and citrus, topped off with a multitude of sparkling crystals that coat the sugar leaves. This marijuana strain is a genetic crossing of Ghost OG hybrid and Nevil’s Wreck sativa.

THC: 27%.

Final Thoughts About Marijuana for Joint Pain:

If someone close to you or you yourself have been dealing with the often times debilitating effects of joint pain, one of these 5 marijuana strains might become a lifesaver, helping to ease the discomforts and let you live life with freedom once again. We hope you found this article to be educational and informative, and by no means should any of the information conveyed above be used or taken as medical advice. Always consult a doctor before making any medical decisions. It is important to remember that the consumption of cannabis is the sole responsibility of the user and discretion should be taken.

  1. Jennifer Armenta
    Try Cannatonic or Critical Mass

    Have you tried cannatonic? I think it is better than all the ones mentioned here. But yes, it you are not able to source it, then you can go for critical mass from the above list. That would also make for a great second option.

  2. Steven Serrano
    Gorilla Glue for Pain

    In my experience, a patient suffering from osteoporosis from the age of 45, and now 55, Gorilla Glue works best for the pain management. Although I have to take care of the injuries or trauma, however, the never ending pain that play silently in the background all the time is warded off by smoking this weed. I smoke about 1 gram daily,sometimes just half, and it is enough to ward off the pain. Also I have not developed any resistance or tolerance to this strain as of now.

  3. Michael Rowe
    Knee pain med

    Sativa strains such as Mexican and Colombian gold with a good CBD count is much better than the high THC count found in Indica.

  4. Elsie McElwee

    I love Ghost strain because it is Citrusy in taste. It’s very refreshing and leaves me feeling ready to take on the day

  5. Elnora Griffin

    Among all, Gorilla Glue is my favorite

  6. Alma Main

    Gorilla glue strain is a magical treatment for joint pain. Thanks

  7. Gladys Townsend

    Harlequin is good for joint pain. Impressed with the results

  8. Sabrina Bowers

    Gorilla glue is the best of the best

  9. Jean Walker

    I have always had problems because of joint pains but thanks to thanks to cannabis the last couple of years have been bearable.

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