5 Best Cannabis Strains for IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)

Irritable Bowel Syndrome, or IBS, is one of the most common forms of gastrointestinal conditions in the world. In fact, IBS affects around 15% of adults in America, with only around half of that amount being officially diagnosed. The condition can flare up at random, and symptoms can range from constipation to diarrhea, with regular gas, bloat, pain, and fatigue, amongst other things.

IBS is sadly a chronic condition, meaning that while there are a whole host of options available to relieve some of the most debilitating symptoms, there is, unfortunately, no cure.

Over recent years we have seen more and more IBS sufferers move to cannabis as a means of controlling their symptoms in a more natural way that appears to have less severe risks than traditional treatments. But with over 200 strains to choose from, how do you know where to start when picking the best bud for your symptoms?

We have put together a list of our top five favorite cannabis strains to smoke to combat some of the most common and unpleasant IBS side effects!

#1 Pink Kush – The Physical Strain


If you are looking for a fast-acting pain reliever that isn’t going to leave you feeling worse for wear, then Pink Kush is worth a try!

There are plenty of over the counter and prescription drugs that will alleviate the feelings of nausea and pain that can often come with IBS, however it is well known that many of these can be risky in their own right and potentially even addictive. Pink Kush offers a super strong body high that is ideal for getting rid of the chronic pain, as well as inflammation, depression, and lack of appetite!

With THC levels around 20% and CBD at 1%, this indica-dominant strain will certainly leave you feeling uplifted as the high takes over your mind and body, leaving you feeling calm and happy. This pretty flower smells as good as it tastes, with earthy pine and floral notes that make for a great smoke!

#2 LSD – The Trippy Strain

Don’t let the name fool you, LSD the marijuana strain shares very little similarity with its namesake. While it may pack a mighty high that will leave you feeling super trippy, it is enveloped in a happy and creative blanket that will soothe your body and soul.

With up to 24% THC and 5% CBD, LSD is a great medicinal strain for those who don’t mind the high that comes with it! If you are suffering from anxiety, body aches or general gastrointestinal pain, then this bud is the one for you!

LSD is a pretty pungent tasting smoke; with an overall earthy aroma and taste with a subtle underlying sweetness, it is certainly one to try, particularly for those more experienced smokers amongst you!

#3 Cannatonic – The Gentle Healer Strain

Cannatonic Cannabis Strain

Like with all of our top five lists, we like to cater for a range of experienced smokers, so next up on our list has to be Cannatonic! This hybrid strain boasts high CBD levels reaching around 12%, with THC levels between 7-15%, making this the perfect medicinal strain with very little high!

Don’t get us wrong, you are likely to feel something from the THC levels present, but the high from Cannatonic is a super mellow and laid back one, making it the perfect smoke for the times when the IBS is taking its toll.

Fans of earthy strains will love this, with its woody taste that has slight hints of citrus throughout. It is an excellent treatment for GI pains and can ease any stress or anxieties with ease.

#4 Harlequin – The Calming Strain

Harlequin Cannabis Strain

For those of you who like a challenge, Harlequin is one of the lesser-known strains on our list, but it’s worth the hunt if you are after a highly medicinal strain! This sativa-dominant strain is a cross between Columbian Gold and Thai and Swiss landrace and boasts an unusual THC to CBD ratio. With THC levels ranging between 7-15% and CBD around 10%, this is a great bud for those suffering from IBS.

Harlequin is known for its super calming qualities without leaving you couch-locked. In fact, it brings about a feeling of focus, which makes it great for daytime use and is the main reason so many patients opt for it!

In keeping with its rarity, Harlequin is also unusual in its aroma and taste, boasting a musky smell and taste that is coupled with sweet mango! A must-try for anyone looking to relieve his or her symptoms without getting too high!

#5 Tangerine Dream – The Not For The Faint Hearted Strain

So, last but by no means least is Tangerine Dream, the super-strength hybrid strain that holds a whopping 25% THC! Not only is Tangerine Dream one of the most well known and talked about strains, but it also won a Cannabis Cup in 2012, which boosted its reputation even further!

This tasty strain has a taste, as you would imagine, with sweet citrus tones that leave you feeling clear-headed, and it works to relax those tense muscles. It is excellent for IBS sufferers as it can work wonders for stomach pain and generally leaves you feeling much less anxious and stressed.

For an energizing high that is not for the faint-hearted, then Tangerine Dream needs to be on your list – we would recommend evening smoking due to the high THC levels of this flower!

Final Thoughts on the Best Strains for Irritable Bowl Syndrome

Whatever your preference may be, we can’t recommend these five strains more for helping combat some of the worst symptoms of IBS. Whether you are a novice or a pro, there is something in our selection for you!