5 Best Cannabis Strains for Alzheimer’s Disease

Which one is best for you?

A 2016 study by the Salk Institute found that THC promoted the removal of amyloid-beta protein in the brain. These toxic clumps are believed to be a significant factor in the progression of Alzheimer’s disease. David Schubert was a member of the research team, and he said that the study was the first to show that cannabinoids impact inflammation and amyloid beta accumulation in nerve cells.

The study involved testing the effects of THC on human neurons. To be clear, the test involved lab-grown neurons, but they were designed to mimic the effects of Alzheimer’s disease on the human brain. The pain-relieving properties attributed to THC means that marijuana has been championed as a medical treatment for people suffering from chronic pain, stress, and various symptoms associated with other conditions.

“The biochemical properties of THC have led some to suggest cannabis may be a viable form of Alzheimer’s treatment.” 

THC attaches to two types of receptors: CB1 and CB2. These receptors are located in cells in the body and in the brain; they are concentrated in the neurons associated with coordination, thinking, time perception, and memory. They typically bind with endocannabinoids, which are lipid molecules produced by the body. Among other things, these molecules help activate cell-to-cell signaling in the human brain.

Studies suggest that THC can bind to these receptors in the same way. This could be the reason why THC could potentially help to clear out toxic plaques in the brain. Also, THC could have the ability to prevent a dangerous inflammatory response from the nerve cells, boosting their chances of survival.

This is of course exciting news, but more research is needed to see if marijuana is really capable of aiding Alzheimer’s patients. Understandably, people in this situation are in no mood to wait, which is why we have put together the following list of five of the best marijuana strains for Alzheimer’s disease.

1 – White Russian (A Well-Balanced Marijuana Strain)

This 50/50 hybrid possesses a THC content of between 19% and 25%, with minimal CBD. It is a powerful yet well-balanced strain which is frequently enjoyed by creative types. White Russian is a cross of White Widow and AK-47. Serious Seeds is credited with the creation of this marijuana strain, which was a High Times Cannabis Cup winner way back in 1996.

If you are a newbie to the world of THC-laden weed, be wary of White Russian because it is a fast-acting strain that nails you with an intense cerebral high. You will be happy and even euphoric within minutes and, after a couple of hours, the high makes its way to your body and offers an energy boost.

For Alzheimer’s patients, White Russian would be an ideal afternoon smoke. While it is a 50/50 hybrid, there is a slight sativa bias, which should help keep you energized and motivated. You will also enjoy the uplifting high which might be able to help you fight through depression and stress. Most importantly perhaps, this is a strain that helps inspire a person, so maybe it will help you come up with ideas to fuel the high.

2 – LSD (An Intense Marijuana Strain)

I believe that if you could condense Matt Damon into marijuana form, he would be something like LSD! *(To be clear, we’re talking about a marijuana strain here – NOT the actual LSD drug).

This is an intense and powerful sativa dominant (55%) hybrid. It contains up to 24% THC, although the effects are mitigated in some LSD plants as they can possess up to 5% CBD. LSD is a cross of Skunk #1 and Mazar, and has been the recipient of numerous awards.

LSD, as the name suggests, is all about a potent cerebral high which is capable of causing a hallucinogenic effect amongst new smokers. Alzheimer’s patients will enjoy the invigorating high which will enable them to unwind. After awhile, LSD’s indica side takes over and rewards users with a body high that induces relaxation.

Above all else, you will feel euphoric, which is excellent news for patients suffering from chronic pain and depression. LSD is easily recognized due to the strong smell it produces which is akin to an earthy flower. The sweet and skunky taste is unique, and you may even find the occasional plant that provides a refreshing citrusy kick.

3 – Bio Jesus (A Marijuana Strain That Reaches Out and Touches You)

If you haven’t heard of this 50-50 hybrid, you are missing out! Bio Jesus is regarded as one of the finest medicinal marijuana strains on the market and is one of the most potent strains of cannabis you’ll find. While you may not actually see Jesus, a THC content of up to 28% and a CBD content below 0.01% means that this strain can be overwhelming unless you’re an experienced user.

It looks a lot like the Gumbo strain and smells a little like Bio-Diesel, and was initially bred by Denver Relief Farms. Bio Jesus is known for the potent cerebral high it offers, and as it places users in a haze, I recommend only using it at night. If you are experiencing pain as an Alzheimer’s patient, this strain may be able to soothe you and also aid sleep.

The main reason to consider Bio Jesus as a strain for Alzheimer’s patients is its enormous THC content. The high potency should harness the amyloid-inhibiting power of THC, while the psychedelic effect alleviates symptoms of the disease. Users report that Bio Jesus works quickly, and its analgesic effects are profound. It is a harsh smoke, so you are better off enjoying it with a vaporizer.

4 – Green Crack (An Invigorating Marijuana Strain)

Don’t be misled by the name – Green Crack is a pure marijuana strain and is indica dominant (75%). Its THC content ranges from a moderate 13% to a potent 25%, so make sure you know how strong your Green Crack plant is. It is a cross of Sweet Leaf Indica and Skunk #1. There are rumors which suggest that Snoop Dogg renamed the strain after it was initially called Green Kush.

Today, Green Crack is one of the most famous marijuana strains on the market due to the potent head high it produces. It is the perfect morning smoke, because while the cerebral effects boost your mood, it also provides you with an energy boost, and you don’t have to worry about a body high dragging you to the couch. Indeed, many Green Crack users say they have replaced their morning cup of coffee with it!

As far as Alzheimer’s patients are concerned, the high THC content of Green Crack means that it could be ideal for taking on the amyloid beta protein that is such a threat. If you are stuck for something to do, take a few hits of this strain and allow it to focus your mind so you can stay busy for the rest of the day.

5 – Acapulco Gold (This Marijuana Strain Won’t Drive You Loco!)

As you can probably guess, Acapulco Gold originates from Mexico. It is a sativa dominant (80%) strain that contains up to 24% THC, with just 0.1% CBD. As it comes from the Acapulco region in Mexico, it is harder to find than most strains, but is well worth the search. If you haven’t used Acapulco Gold at least once in your life, you can’t call yourself a weed aficionado!

For Alzheimer’s patients, the sheer happiness this strain brings makes it a must-have. The sativa effects don’t take long to set in, and begin with a feeling of pure joy. Users report feeling invigorated from a high that enables you to think very clearly. Acapulco Gold is one of the best marijuana strains for lifting a person’s mood, and its high THC content provides possible therapeutic effects.

This strain is known for its stunning aroma, which is sweet and earthy and offers more than a hint of pine. The earthy taste offers a slight coffee tinge, and it is delicious, creamy, and very moreish. If you have chronic stress and are in dire need of something to take the edge off a wretched day, get some Acapulco Gold and you might feel the tension ebb away.

Final Thoughts on the Best Marijuana Strains for Alzheimer’s Disease

Medical marijuana is a controversial topic, and there is no doubt that its effects need to be studied in-depth. According to the Alzheimer’s Association, at least 5.7 million Americans are living with the condition. Globally, up to 44 million people have the disease or a related form of dementia.

Incredibly, only 25% of people with the condition have been diagnosed. Early symptoms include memory loss, issues with problem-solving, confusion with place and time, and problems understanding visual images.

DID YOU KNOW? It is estimated that only 25% of all people in the U.S. with Alzheimer’s disease are diagnosed.

Alzheimer’s is the sixth leading cause of death in America, and it is hard for families to see their loved ones practically disappear in front of their eyes. Early research suggests that marijuana, especially strains that are high in THC, could be capable of removing amyloid beta proteins from the brain.

These clumps are possibly responsible for many symptoms associated with the progression of the disease, and when you consider that the condition – and all other forms of dementia – has no known cure, it is reasonable to assume that the powers that be will allow further research into cannabis’ possible effects. Alas, we won’t hold our breath.

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