Jeff Yauck
Jeff Yauck

There really should be a more appropriate word other than “entrepreneur” to describe people like Jeff Yauck. In the space of less than two years, Jeff has managed to launch two entirely different business operations, both of which have gone on to become incredibly successful and mandate an amount of resources he would’ve never imagined possible prior to each venture’s launch.

Jeff Yauck Bio | Owner of PureKana, Entrepreneur, Knowledge in Nutrition and Supplements, Co-founded Oats Overnight

In August 2016, Yauck and a longtime friend from Arizona, Brian Tate, started an online “oatmeal delivery system” with the aim of replacing cereal as the “quick and easy breakfast option of choice” for the countless number of Americans who can’t seem to find the time to incorporate a nutritious breakfast into their busy lifestyles.

The system, called “Oats Overnight,” allows users to combine the nutritious grains and fiber of natural oats with 24-26 grams of plant protein (from ingredients like maca root, flax seed and chia seeds), simply by shaking up a Blender Bottle and placing it in the refrigerator overnight.

As of early 2017, Oats Overnight was employing a full-time nutritionist and dishing out over 30,000 servings of oat mix per month to a rapidly-increasing customer base, with plans to expand their product line with new flavors and naturally-incorporated sweetening options like stevia extract.

But that’s only been half of Yauck’s “entrepreneurial adventure”.

Back in early 2017, he and business partner Cody Alt launched Pure Kana – one of the cannabis industry’s leading CBD hemp manufacturers – out of a small Los Angeles apartment with a modest investment from the success of the Oats Overnight venture.

By incorporating his passion for nutrition and cannabis-based therapy with his expansive knowledge of natural health supplements, Jeff saw Pure Kana CBD oil sales grow by astronomical numbers over the course of the brand’s first year. The brand now has one of the largest CBD customer bases in the U.S, and can legitimately lay claim to producing one of the industry’s most effective, reliable, and well-made CBD products.

As of 2018, Pure Kana has an established lineup of full-spectrum CBD oils, gel capsules, pet treats, topical skin care creams, edible gummies, and toothpick-like “Pure Picks,” but they plan on venturing into the CBD vape market soon as this is undoubtedly one of the cannabis industry’s most rapidly-growing sectors. has been fortunate enough to be able to work with Jeff for going on two years now, and he’s been a major contributor to the site in the very limited free time that he has between co-running his top of the range CBD business .