Dr. Barry Nadel

Dr. Barry Nadel

Dr. Barry Nadel was born in San Antonio, Texas on July 11, 1953, but grew up in San Jose, California – before it was Silicon Valley. He began his college career in Anthropology and Archaeology, which he pursued for two years, before switching to UC Davis. He went on to finish his B.Sc. in Viticulture and Enology. He continued on to do his M.Sc. in grape breeding.

In August of 1977, Dr. Nadel relocated to Israel to complete his Ph.D. in plant genetics. He received his qualification from the Hebrew University Faculty of Agriculture in July 1981.

Dr. Barry Nadel is a research scientist, agricultural consultant, and author. He has been a research scientist for the past 43 years and has consulted internationally on topics including; Cannabis seed production in the USA, growing orchids in Thailand, hemp production, and Cannabis cultivation in the USA.

Dr. Nadel is an internationally recognized Agricultural consultant who specializes in plant tissue culture, physiology, genetics, growth, and genetics of cannabis, plant breeding, and practical research. Recently, he has become more interested in the world of cannabis.

He has served as chief scientist and agronomist for a consortium medicinal Cannabis that is responsible for tissue culture, agro-technical research and plant breeding.


Dr. Nadel gained his first working experience at the age of 12 when he began to work part-time at his father’s plant breeding station in Milpitas, California. He has stated that he worked summers on these plant breeding stations between 1965 and 1971.

He then went on to his studies, which he completed in 1981. Once he completed his studies, he started working as a research scientist at the Faculty of Agriculture for six years. Thereafter, he founded a family-owned small vegetable seed company, known as the Danson Seed Company. For 22 years he headed the research and production side of the company.

Between 2015 and 2017, Dr. Nadel worked as the Chief Scientist for Breath of Life – an Israeli Cannabis company. His role involved improving their agronomic procedures and breeding new varieties. Currently, he works as the Chief Science Officer for Agro4pro – where he is responsible for all biological aspects of the project.

Here is some of the other notable working experience of Dr. Nadel:

  • 2010-2014: Consultant for Citron Grower
  • 2011: Consultant on Orchid production in Thailand
  • 2012: Isratech 1996 Ruck Ltd. Chief Science Officer. Here he was responsible
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