Can You Get Addicted to CBD Gummies?

Hopefully by now you’ve been able to try CBD gummies (or at least some other form of CBD) and know that they actually work — and aren’t just some modern-day health gimmick along the lines of those cheesy erectile dysfunction pills you see down at the local gas station.

As evidenced by thousands of scientific publications, CBD is no doubt the real deal and it has helped countless people across the globe deal with things like pain, anxiety, stress, depression, and sleep issues – just to name a few.

And believe it or not, infused gummy bears seem to be one of the most popular forms of CBD products on the entire market, as the phrase”CBD gummies” ranked in as the third most prevalent food-related Google search in 2018.

For some, this has begged the question: ‘Are CBD gummies habit forming?‘ While we all can surely appreciate the benefits of the all-natural therapy that they provide, the last thing we need is another drug-related “epidemic” along the lines of the current opioid crisis (not that CBD poses any real risks of dangerous side effects, though).

Anyway let’s take a closer look in order to see if there’s any valid scientific data we can turn to to help answer this question, and to help come to the conclusion of whether or not CBD gummies really are addictive or habit-forming.

CBD Gummies: Habit-Forming Addiction or Harmless Therapy?

To be clear, there are no publications explicitly suggesting that CBD gummies – or any other kind of CBD products for that matter – are habit-forming. On the contrary, several reports have indicated that CBD actually possesses anti-addictive properties. In other words, data taken from the use of CBD in scientific investigations has led researchers to believe that the compound may be effective for helping individuals wean off other, real addictions.

For example, instances of addiction to tobacco, marijuana, cocaine, and even hard drugs like heroin and prescription opioids have been purported to be less severe – and easier to kick – if the addict takes doses of CBD during the weaning-off process.

Furthermore, the World Health Organization has recently issued a global report on the status of CBD, claiming that it is a “generally well tolerated [compound] with a good safety profile,” and that under “well-controlled human experimental research,” it was “not associated with abuse potential.”

In terms of whether or not CBD gummies are habit-forming, that right there seems to offer a pretty cut and dry answer. However, let’s take a look at some additional information in order to determine the real “addictiveness” of these tasty little therapeutic treats.

Sleep Aid Might be Habit-Forming; CBD Gummies [Probably] Are Not

If you’ve ever suffered from the rigors of insomnia (or any other kind of sleeping disorder), you’d likely agree with the notion that you’d do just about anything if it meant obtaining some healthy, natural sleep on a consistent basis.

The thought of not being able to sleep at night is scary, and thus when you do find something that is effective at helping you get some rest, you tend to not want to try and go to sleep without it. In other words, one might say that any method used to promote sleep in an insomniac is indeed “habit forming.”

Case in point, for the countless thousands of folks that have used CBD gummies, “habit-forming” might well be a term they would use to describe the effects (or perhaps “side effects”) of. Of course, it is crucial in this instance to be able to distinguish between the “habit-forming” properties of a chemical compound (like CBD), and the “habit-forming” psychology that’s involved with actually getting to sleep every night.

In other words, even if an individual does develop a habit out of using CBD gummies to help get to sleep every night, this doesn’t mean it is the actual CBD gummy bears that are causing the habit. More likely, it is the pattern of psychology that’s involved in the individual.

Other addictive drugs like heroin or opiate-based painkillers do indeed cause a physical habit (i.e. an “addiction”) to form. In these instances, the body actually relies on the drugs at a physiological level in order to function properly – without them, users would enter into a dangerous (and potentially even life-threatening) state of withdrawal.

CBD gummies do nothing of the sort. While they may potentially cause a habit to form in terms of “needing” to take them before going to bed every night, they most certainly do not cause the body to develop a physical dependence on them. In other words, any habit that is produced is purely a psychological one – not a physical one.

What about other CBD options — are they habit forming?

Of course, you could theoretically use any kind of CBD product to help with sleep aid, pain relief, and so on. CBD oil drops administered under the tongue have become incredibly popular, and can indeed offer an effective form of sleep therapy.

However, if used for insomnia or other forms of sleep aid, there still exists the same potential for a “habit” to develop. In other words, as long as you’re relying on something to help get you to sleep every night (whether it be CBD gummies, Nyquil, alcohol, etc), it is only natural that we will want to rely on this every single night – even if an actual physical habit/addiction is not developed within the body.

Final Thoughts: Are CBD Gummies Habit-Forming?

One last thing to consider on our voyage to answering the question of whether or not CBD gummies are habit-forming, is the consideration that gummies themselves are often packed full of unhealthy ingredients — things like sugars, bad fats, and carbohydrates.

Unlike CBD itself – which we have already said is not inherently addictive or habit-forming – many of the ingredients that are used to actually make the CBD gummies may be. For example, it is relatively common knowledge that, like other drugs, sugars and carbohydrates have the potential to be incredibly addictive. This is why once you start eating things like potato chips, pizza, cookies, chocolate, and yes – gummy bears and other candies – you develop frequent, insatiable cravings for them.

As such, it is important to not get carried away when consuming CBD gummies for anxiety, stress relief, sleep, or any other use. Most of the CBD gummy concoctions that companies are making out there are probably not the healthiest options in the world, but by infusing them with CBD to help treat some specific ailment, you could end up actually creating another problem altogether.

In summary, while CBD gummies are not inherently habit-forming on a physiological level, it would still be wise to consume them with caution; while the active ingredient itself may offer real therapeutic benefit, other ingredients may not be quite so beneficial?

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