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Your guide to marijuana stocks and exchanges
Nicole Richter Nicole Richter / Updated on December 7, 2018

If one thing is true, the world is so incredibly fascinated by medical marijuana and its legalization process in the United States. Little by little, more and more states in America are becoming canna legal, and even more have already become 420 friendly.

Currently in the USA, 7 states plus the District of Columbia are recognized as legal. Those states include, Oregon, Washington, Alaska, Colorado, California, Maine, Nevada and Massachusetts. In addition, 19 states plus the District of Columbia recognize medical marijuana, and therefore it can be purchased if you are registered as a patient. With recent elections, laws are only predicted to become more allowing.

Not everyone lives in a state with this type of purchasing freedom… but an aspect many don’t consider when thinking about medical marijuana is the industry of investing in marijuana stocks. If you can’t purchase the real product… you might want to Make Money by Trading Pot Stocks.

Here are 4 Marijuana Stocks that you should keep your eye out for:

1. Stevia Corp. (STEV):

A leading management company of stevia sweetener production, a substance currently found in over 6,000 products. Stevia Corp. is currently not only interested in the production and sales of stevia, but now is also integrating into the hemp market and the products that can be produced with the utilization of hemp. Stevia Corps new LLC, called Real Hemp LLC, is focusing in on purchasing products made from hemp (cannabis) ranging from seeds to CBD extracts, a treatment currently used in some states and countries for treatment of various illnesses. Stevia Corp. is truly entering into a cutting edge industry and market, sitting right at the verge of a huge cannabis boom.

2. Oxis International (OXIS):

A BioTech company focusing on CBD research and recently entering the cannabis BioTech world. Oxis specializes in immunotherapy for the treatment of cancer, conducting research on the use of CBD’s for such treatments. Oxis is considered a forefront leader of the new up and coming cannabis market, even having specialists such as Dr. James J Mulé joining the Board of Scientific Advisory. This company combines masterful specialists with real CBD treatments, in part the reason why so many have already gained interest in this thriving BioTech corporation that is taking part in a huge marijuana revolution.

3. Insys Therapeutics, Inc. (INSY):

A cutting-edge pharmaceutical company focused on the treatment of Glioblastoma Multiforme (GBM), a malignant brain tumor that affects many globally. Insys is currently developing CBD oils that are synthetic, therefore guaranteeing a 99 percent purity, a technique that is brand new to the cannabis market. This type of development could be extremely beneficial to patients worldwide, for it will provide them with a potent alternative treatment that they can guarantee is pure and clean, without many of the nasty side effects of traditional medicines. Additionally, this company is one of the few that would be capable of producing large quantities of CBD pharmaceutical products. Therefore, Insys is an important investment in the current state of the medical cannabis world.

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4. GW Pharmaceuticals (GWPH):

A biopharmaceutical company actively focused on the development and exposure of cannabinoid medicines to the standard market, so that it may be accessed for medical purposes in America and globally for various disease and illness treatments. Currently, GW Pharmaceuticals has released a prescription medicine known as Sativex®, a CBD medicine currently available in 11 countries, with 13 other countries soon to have this pharmaceutical available. The US, however, unfortunately has not approved this medication. GW Pharmaceuticals strives to change this barrier and get Sativex®, as well as a series of other CBD medications, commercialized and available worldwide.

With so many companies sitting on the edge of a 420 revolution, it may be right to invest in these up and coming corporate marijuana stocks who are truly changing the pharmaceutical and agricultural industries into a series of CBD based concepts that the world has never seen nor experienced before.

  1. Donna Cournoyer

    Roger that. Nice information

  2. Ruth Peterson

    Blue Dream is a wonderful strain that has helped me to get rid of diabetes in a short time.

  3. Karin Hanlon

    I would like to give it a shot once and see if it works. This is an informative post, though. I have grown marijuana indoors so I guess it would be a good idea to have one company to buy it

  4. Jerry

    I have 400 plus acres, i can grow hemp on. How can i get companies that would like to puchase hemp for their purposes?

    1. Jacob Onat

      Jerry, We can help link you with production farmers as well as renowned geneticists for utilizing your 400 acre property.. Shoot me an email..

  5. Josh

    Looking around for the Stevia Corp. Looks like it’s STNT not STEV. Thoughts?

    Also, is that GW Pharm (GWPH) you spoke of Wyatt?

    1. Dan Meyers

      STNT is not the Stevia Corporation, It is “Stevia Nutra Corp” a development company located in Canada that is involved with Stevia and Stevia byproducts. The symbol for Stevia is STEV. Personally i would wait until it starts its rise and not get caught. There will plenty of money to be made once it gets its sea legs. Let other people start on the “ground floor” and you wait until it starts rising.

  6. Wyatt

    GW has more than doubled in last 18 months, it may not be a viable industry in the USA (yet) but it’s a worldwide trend and GH is a British Pharma Co and will be FDA approved and the others are long term players in a growing mark

  7. Evan

    You think they get mad it’s only the safest investment on the planet your stock will go up

  8. Chloe

    I think I will invest in this cannabis trend soon. I feel like our world is only going to keep turning towards a system that cares and relies on the marijuana and hemp industries, and this current revolution is really changing the way things are progressing. It’s nice to see a more positive opinion of cannabis occurring in the world more and more each day

  9. Todd

    Why are companies trying to produce the oil in synthetic form instead of using the real plant? The full medical efficiency of the oil has all of the thc and cbd’s in it!! It’s always about more money and not what truly helps the people!!

    1. Shelby

      You cannot patent a plant. If you synthesis a cbd based medicine or the equivalent of thc or cbd, then you have a billion or trillion dollar patent.

      Modern medicine is about profit, not cures. Long term treatment, not quick fixes.

    2. Doug

      Just remember, anything man made will break down! The companies making that synthetic crappie don’t want you to get better, they just want you to keep coming back to spend more money!

  10. David

    Been investing in pot stocks when I buy more this week I should be up to 24,000 shares. 420 is the way to invest

  11. Maurice genwright

    Hi there my name is Maurice and I was wondering how can I get involved in the cannabis industry?

    1. Tyrell

      Hahaha Maurice first know what you want to do stick with that idea untill it quite literally breaks you mentally emotionally and physically. But stick with that idea even more believe in it even when no one believes in you and maybe just maybe you will succeed in this bussiness we just started a dispensary in montana a couple months ago entirely by ourselves no loans nothing and we are still barely hanging on but I have patients that rely on the medicine I produce. I an gifted at growing some of the most amazing medicine and if I didn’t have people constintly reminding me of the fact that I’m gifted at what I do I probably would have quit long ago because even today is something else I’m now trying to find a new place to grow because the people we were renting our grow house from were stealing. But I have been able to keep us going just barely… it would really be beneficial if you have a chunk of money to start just so you can avoid relying on others. That’s been my biggest downfall but good luck in your future plans

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