The Best Cannabis Strains for Each Lovemaking Position

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If you’ve been smoking weed for a while, then you’ve probably become pretty traditional with your smoking habits. Indica in the evening to calm down after a stressful day, and Sativa throughout the day to give you that extra boost you need to deal with the daily pressure — right?

But… every now and then it’s advised to mess up your routine, and there is no better way to do it than during sex.

If you haven’t smoked weed before, during, or after intercourse, then you don’t know what you are missing. But don’t just smoke any strain, pick the right one that will turn your favorite style into a mind-blowing experience.

Here at Marijuanabreakwe’ve done the research for you. It was tough work 🙂  but it was definitely worth the effort.

Here are the Best Strains for Each Position.

Woman on Top.

If you ask your guy what drives him crazy in bed, we bet he’ll say “you on top”. This position puts you (the woman) in the driver’s seat and for that, you need a strain that’s going to give you energy and let you take control. A strain that will allow you to control the pace, leaving his hands free to roam. For your partner, on the other hand, a more relaxing strain is best, allowing him to absorb the mood and enjoy every moment. A strain that will increase the sensation and take him to the next level.

Recommended Strains

Woman – Sour Diesel (Sativa)
Man – Bruce Banner (Hybrid)


While this position gives you men more control, it is still an intimate position. This position allows both you and your partner to set the pace. It allows you to communicate with your bodies and enjoy the experience together. For this position, it is best if you both smoke the same strain, one that will keep you focused, intensify the feeling but won’t completely wreck you. With this position, you can pass the joint from one to each other during intercourse, while enjoying the high – and the connection – that your bodies create.

Recommended Strains

Men and Women – Blue Dream (Hybrid)

Doggie Style

Ok guys, time to take control and call all the shots. Take it at a speed that lets you electrify her world. Penetrate deeply and feel like you are the king of your domain. For this position, it’s best if you smoke a strain that gives you power, energy, and lets you stay focused. For you gals, simply enjoy the intense deep feeling. For this, you are going to want to smoke a joint that maximizes your feelings.

Recommended Strains

Woman – Trainwreck (Hybrid)
Man – Asian Fantasy (Sativa)

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Making love while spooning is the ultimate intimate position and the perfect one after a long hard day. It’s a position in which both of you can connect, calm down and let your bodies bind. Want to turn up the heat? Girls, twist your body towards him and your head slightly away so that he can kiss you around your neck. Reach that orgasm and slowly drift away into a relaxing sleep while snuggling together.

For this intimate position, it’s best if you are both smoking the same strain. One that will let you both relax and enjoy every minute. A strain that will allow you both to connect on a different level.

Recommended Strains

Men & Women – G13, Grand Daddy Purple (India), XJ-13 (Sativa)

Final Thoughts on These Love Making Strains

Combining love-making and cannabis can be amazing, but isn’t always for everyone. It is also important that different strains effect people differently, so use with caution. And of course, share your experience in the comments below (or on our Facebook page)!

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