Bulldog Palace Amsterdam | The Complete Review
November 22, 2016

Bulldog Palace Amsterdam | The Complete Review

Bulldog Palace in Leidseplein
MarijuanaBreak Staff / Updated on November 22, 2016
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Located on Leidseplein (Amsterdam), in the city’s nightlife district, this place should really be called the “Old Bulldog Palace”, due to the fact that it has been around for so long! This coffeeshop is one of Amsterdam’s pride and joys and is really a veteran in the cannabis coffeeshop industry. It was established in 1985, before some of you were even born. Apart from hosting a great souvenir shop which can easily be accessed through a separate entrance right off the street, Bulldog Palace is what Amsterdam is really all about.

Bulldog Palace Amsterdam Highlights

  • If it is more than some hash or juice that you crave, the Bulldog also offers a great night life. Mondays and Tuesdays are normally Karaoke night. Over the weekend they tend to bring in a great DJ
  • Starting as a tiny joint in a cellar, the Bulldog has become an icon of Amsterdam. The brand now has 5 different locations and a hostel in Amsterdam for all fellow stoner travelers to crash. This place has really grown into its own franchise.
  • Competitive prices is really a highlight of this place. Once you walk in you will see what we are talking about. Most of their products you can pick up for around 12 Euros. The stonger stuff may cost slightly more, but it isn’t going to cost you an arm and a leg.

If you’ve never been to Leidseplein before, then you’re missing one of the best spots in Amsterdam. In fact, some of the best live musicians play in that area. It’s the perfect place to get high and listen to some live quality music. There are quite a few bars in the square, and Bulldog dominates the entire east side.

The decor is quite different to what you would normally see in a marijuana coffeeshop. As you step into the bar area you’ll immediately be hit by bills hanging from the ceiling. Bulldog Palace is literally decorated in cash (or at least was the last time we were there). On many of them, customers wrote notes and cool messages. As you walk around you’ll notice signs of what seemed to be a jail. The story is that the building, which is now a lively coffeeshop, was once a notorious jail and police station that hosted some of the most dangerous and crazy criminals in Holland.

The environment at Bulldog is gritty by design but this makes the place unique and a must for anyone visiting Amsterdam.

Final Thoughts About Bulldog Palace Amsterdam

Even though the marijuana menu isn’t the largest we have ever seen, the place does provide a crazy atmosphere and it is large enough to keep most people happy. Overall we give Bulldog in Leidseplein 5 stars and highly recommend visiting.


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  1. Ash J
    One of the best places in red light district

    Nice place to chill. I liked the choice of edibles. I’ll definitely come back next time I’ll be in Amsterdam

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