Rolling the Perfect Pinner & Cone Joint

The Complete Beginners Guide

If you smoke the great 420, then you probably would agree with me that rolling a joint should be something that everyone needs to know. It is one of those things that they should teach you in school, (if it was legal) and should be a natural skill for everyone. Kind of like walking or eating with a fork and knife.

In this quick guide we are going to show you how to Roll the Perfect Joint. Let us know how it worked and uploads some pics in the comments of the post, so that we can see if you are a natural. (The pics in this post are just for illustration)

Step 1 – Choosing the Type of Joint.


First things first, do you want a pinner joint, a thin joint, or a cone joint, you know one of those fat delicious ones where you can light it up and enjoy the puff?

Step 2 – The ingredients

Perfect Joint

Before you get started make sure that you have all your supplies. They should be quality. Get the best rolling papers, a great herb grinder, rolling tips, cannabis, a poker of some kind, etc…

Step 3 – Placing the Rolling Tips


This is really subjective but we prefer to let the tip (aka the crutch) stick out the end of the rolling paper as shown. Placing the crutch is quite important as it will determine the joints, length, size and will provide a stable area to hold the joint.

Step 4 – Arrange the Bud

Marijuana Pinner Joint

This really depends if you want to roll a Pinner joint or a Cone. For a Pinner joint, the bud should be evenly placed throughout the joint. The end of the joint should contain slightly more bud but don’t over do it. For a cone you’ll want to place the bud in a cone shaped way. You want it nice a fat!

Step 5 – Roll the Paper

Rolling a pinner joint

This will come with practice. The idea is to move the paper back and forth between your fingers, shaping it into a Pinner joint or a cone. You want to condense the bud, but not squash it. Try to keep the shape that you’re looking for.

Step 6 – Tuck, Lick & Stick

This part will determine how fast the joint will burn. The idea is to start from the crutch, focusing on eliminating all slack in the rolling paper. Your hand should tuck the first part of the paper (from the crutch) and slowly slide towards the end tucking in the rest of the paper. You might need to pull the end of the paper to eliminate any lines. Once the entire roll is tucked, keep rolling.. Now it’s time to lick glue strip and stick it all together.

Some find it easier to lick the glue on the first half close to the crutch and then move on to the other half. Some lick the whole strip and stick it all at once.

Step 7 – Lock Down the Crutch

Know how in the movies they bang the joint on the table before smoking it. Well the idea is to give the clutch a little tap to connect the crutch to the cannabis. After that you can lick around the crutch in order to make it stick.

Step 8 – Pack the Tip

Twist and Seal pinner joint

To smoke the perfect joint, you need to put in that extra effort and make sure that it is nicely packed. You don’t want to much air. You want it just right so it will burn evenly. There are a few different techniques to this. Here we will explain the Twist & Seal method. At Marijuana break we don’t want any of that precious bud falling out so we give the paper at the top a quick twist to seal it.

Now it’s time to sit back and enjoy!