7 Notorious Celebrities Whose Cannabis Use Will Surprise You

It’s no surprise that those sitting in the limelight are just regular beings like the rest of us. They have similar habits and very human ways, because after all they are still people. This means there has to be a fair-share of stoners and cannabis lovers in the limelight too, right? Yep, there’s plenty, but the ones who are weed connoisseurs may not be what you expected.

Here Are 7 Notorious Celebrities Whose Marijuana Use Will Shock You:

1. William Shakespeare

William ShakeSpeare

Believe it or not, William Shakespeare loved his fair-share of ganja and it actually helped him to be creative, and possibly inspired some of his beauty works of poetry, plays and writing. Although it’s hard to know for sure whether this is true, historians have discovered pipes made from clay around Shakespeare’s garden and home, some containing small amounts of cannabis particles when tested, making it likely to believe that William was on the stoner train long before anyone else was.

2. Ted Turner

Ted Turner


Ted Turner, a world famous media mogul, philanthropist and incredible businessman, is also an advocate for reefer. A source once claimed that Turner “sits in his office and smokes marijuana”. Cannabis likely relaxes Turner and keeps him sane in the insane world of running a multi-billion dollar career while also trying to balance his own personal life. Cannabis consumption is only a small part of what makes Ted Turner a really chill dude!

3. John F. Kennedy

John F. Kennedy


Would you believe that JFK used to consume cannabis to treat his back pain? Completely true! Kennedy used to bring the green to the White House. There are even stories of him taking a minute to blaze up in the middle of the national security crisis involving Cuba and the USSR. His decision to have some mary jane and clear his mind likely helped save the USA from a possibly horrible disaster.

4. Queen Victoria

Queen Victoria


Reefer treating the pains of menstrual cramping and general discomfort during this time for women is a well known fact, but did you know that Queen Victoria used reefer for just this reason, except it was long before anyone truly knew about its benefits publically. QV was basically a medical marijuana patient in the late 1800s so that she could get through her pains every month.

5. Kirsten Dunst


Dunst has admitted that “America’s view on weed is ridiculous”. Seems pretty fitting that her opinions of reefer would be relaxed, after all she did play Mary Jane in the Spiderman series. Kirsten Dunst has also claimed that if everyone smoked weed “the world would be a better place”.

6. Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston

Back when Aniston and Brad Pitt were still married, they would smoke marijuana together regularly. Jennifer has admitted to consuming cannabis on numerous occasions, however she assures fans that she only smokes in moderation. Jennifer’s ganja consumption only adds to why she is such a light-hearted, bubbly and genuine individual.

7. Morgan Freeman

Morgan Freeman

Freeman admitted during an interview for The Guardian that he quit the use of all hard drugs, except that he would never give up his love for herb. Freeman is a big time cannabis supporter, saying that marijuana is “God’s own weed”.

We hope these wise words and experiences for notorious celebrities have inspired you to keep up your love for ganja and its healing benefits. It is important to remember that all cannabis consumption is at the sole discretion of the consumer.