How to Find a Great Weed Dispensary.. No Matter Where You Are

It’s difficult sometimes to trust the quality of the ganja you’re getting, especially if you live in a legal state. When marijuana is legal (whether medically or recreationally) in a state, there are usually numerous options to choose from. It’s easy to be guided in the direction of an unprofessional or poor quality dispensary, but this situation is avoidable if you take into considering this guiding information we are about to provide you with.

Here Are 6 Tips to Discovering an AMAZING Marijuana Dispensary
(one you can truly trust!):

1. Feel Supported and Safe the Moment You Step Foot in Your Dispensary

You want to feel completely welcomed and nurtured when stepping foot into a dispensary you are considering. This is a sign of an amazing weed shop. Dispensaries that have massive amounts of security, are in bad neighborhoods, or have an unwelcoming or uneducated staff, are not worth your time. Search for an atmosphere of friendly attitudes, enough security but not too much, professional protocols and knowledgeable, happy-to-help staff.

2. Examine the Professionality of the Dispensary or Weed Shop

It’s extremely important when joining a dispensary or collective that you first thoroughly examine their professionality. Is there proper security in the facility? Do things seem organized and professional? Are the staff and budtenders knowledgeable? Are they following all legal protocols? Is the dispensary in a good neighborhood? A safe and reputable dispensary carries these characteristics: the staff are knowledgable. All legal protocols and laws are being met and followed. The facility is clean, organized and in a decent neighborhood. Someone (most likely a security guard) will request your paperwork upon arrival. If a dispensary has these key elements, it is likely an official facility and worth purchasing marijuana from.

3. Pay Attention to Price

In life, you always want your purchases to be bought at a fair price. The same goes for your weed. When choosing a dispensary to buy cannabis from, take into consideration that price is a vital factor. Make sure that the shop you are looking at is at least meeting the average marijuana price; in the states this is $15 a gram. Some dispensaries might even run lower in certain states (weed in California can be fairly cheap). Just because the cannabis is cheaper, doesn’t mean it is of poorer quality. It just might be sourced closer, possibly even locally to the dispensary, therefore driving costs down.

4. Get Information About the Preparation of Your Medicine

Don’t you want to know where your medicine was sourced from? Understanding this information can make your cannabis healing experience that much better. Professional dispensaries always know where their product is prepared. They definitely know the location, and possibly even the name of the farm or cooperative involved in cultivation. If the staff of the dispensary you are inquiring with aren’t cooperating with your questions regarding cannabis origin, you should avoid them at all costs. This could very well be a sign that your medicine is being sourced from unreliable or dirty sources, and you don’t want to be putting that type of herb into your body. Your body is a temple and it deserves only the best ganja.

5. Does the Dispensary Offer What You Need or Desire?

If a collective doesn’t offer the products you need or desire, you don’t have to purchase anything from them. Do not feel pressured into purchasing products that you believe might not be completely satisfying. If a dispensary doesn’t offer any strains you enjoy or products you regularly support, move onto another dispensary or ask when they will be getting the medicine you want in stock. A reputable dispensary will be more than happy to answer your questions and assist you to the best of their abilities.

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Final Thoughts

Now that you know what to look for, go out there and find yourself that perfect dispensary!

It is important to remember that the consumption of cannabis is solely the responsibility of the consumer, and discretion should be used.