5 Ways Weed Can Help to Improve Your Relationship

Cannabis has been well researched over thousands of years, so much so that we are now confident that it can offer a host of medicinal benefits to those who are seeking relief, without the risk that comes with many of the more traditional therapies.

You don’t have to go far to find scientific studies and thousands of anecdotal reports about the physical and mental benefits of cannabis, but what about the impact it can have on personal relationships?

Is it possible that marijuana could be integrated into our daily life and have a direct, positive impact on our relationships? We are taking a look at this idea, and considering five ways in which you could start including cannabis in your life for more harmonious relationships.

#1 Talking it Out

If you have ever seen a movie with weed involved, you are likely to have seen the chatty aftermath that can occur from a couple of joints. While modern media can often portray cannabis in an unrealistic light, it is true that if you’re not knocked into a peaceful sleep, you can usually find yourself in a deep chat about the world!

Marijuana’s ability to open up the mind to broader ways of thinking lends itself incredibly well to modern relationships, and this is why we feel you could integrate it into your life to improve bonds.

In this digital age, there are distractions everywhere, from TV to laptops, computers, and mobile phones – conversation is suffering, and this can directly impact your relationships. Whether between family members, friends, or partners, the ability to communicate effectively is paramount to a growing and healthy relationship, so when those doors of communication close, things can become difficult.

If the situation allows, we recommend considering a night of cannabis and opening up. Weed has been known to not only broaden the mind, but also make people more attentive to their conversations, with fewer distractions from things such as technology. Cannabis can allow you to be honest and open, and will also help you see others points of view more clearly.

#2 Alleviates Stress and Anxiety

It is fair to say that life certainly throws up numerous roadblocks along the way, and while this is ultimately part of life, it doesn’t make it any less difficult when things begin to pile up.

Whether it’s childcare, finances, work, or health – we all go through life with stresses and anxieties that for some can become extremely problematic and directly interfere with relationships. Statistics show that around 40 million adults suffer from some form of anxiety in the U.S. and, while some may suffer more than others, a vast majority of them will try marijuana at some stage to find relief.

Previously, anxiety has been overlooked as a qualifying condition for medical marijuana. However, in the past year, two states have added anxiety to the list of conditions that can get you a medical marijuana card! With the U.S. starting to realize just how much weed can help, it is perhaps the perfect time for you to integrate it into your home life to bring about more peaceful relationships.

Whether you haven’t been getting along with your friends, or you and your partner just aren’t seeing eye to eye, if you are feeling the stress get to you then trying cannabis could be the answer you were looking for! We all know relationships are tough, but they don’t need to suffer – marijuana can be a shared bonding experience that brings you back together and lifts away stress and anxiety.

We advise anyone looking to try marijuana to alleviate stress or anxiety to do their research first, there are hundreds of strains that will help, but just as many that could cause anxiety to become worse – so look around first.

#3 Reignite Your Sex Life

Cannabis can play a crucial part in all kinds of relationships, both spiritually and physically, and if there is one thing we know for sure – it can do a world of good in the bedroom!

There are plenty of forums and confessions where you can find people’s first-hand experience with cannabis and sex, and the majority of them are incredibly positive! Sometimes there is nothing that can bring you and your significant other closer than intimacy, and cannabis has the ability to not only heighten senses but relax the mind of worry and inhibitions.

Studies show that when people are relaxed, the ability to feel pleasure is raised, and as we have already established how relaxed marijuana can make you, it is a bit of a no-brainer! Introducing cannabis into the bedroom can reignite your sex life, it brings excitement through something you can do together, and ultimately it is something different and fun to try.

We recommend you discuss your options together; being part of the process from the start means it is something you can share and get more out of. Try different strains, experiment, and see what works for you both.

Our biggest tip here would be to start light! Avoid edibles that can take a while to take effect and are difficult to dose accurately; we advise smoking or vaping a little at a time – too much could see you both having an early night, and not the right kind!

#4 Unleashes Creativity

It is pretty standard to run out of inspiration and motivation to do new and exciting things with your loved ones. Whether your relationship with your best friend is drifting because your work life has taken over, or whether you have less time to spend with your partner, finding it hard to see people is pretty standard!

What we love about certain strains of cannabis, especially sativa strains, is that it can drastically motivate you to get up and go. Experiment with your partner in the kitchen – cooking when high is a real adventure you will love! Go for walks with friends and explore nature, as there is nothing more beautiful than seeing the world in all its beauty after a joint with pals.

Doing more together through cannabis can bring you closer together, get you more active, and gives you new experiences. We recommend you agree on a shared activity; maybe you want to learn a new hobby or watch a new film together – getting high is the perfect way to unleash untapped creativity that you can share!

#5 Brings You Closer Together

Last but by no means least is perhaps the most important thing of all in today’s post, which is that integrating cannabis into your life can ultimately bring you closer together with your loved ones. Not only can you benefit from an increase in enthusiasm, motivation, and passion, but you will also find that, with the right strain, your compassion and empathy will increase too.

Essentially, under the pressure of modern life, stress can bog us down and make us lose sight of what is most important, which is the relationships we share with those around us. Marijuana can relieve pain and stress, increase focus, and open the mind and the heart, which will see you feeling more rational, logical and happy!

Small steps towards your happiness will do wonders for your relationships, romantic or otherwise.

So, Should You Give Cannabis a Go?

If you’re new to marijuana, but feel like your life could use some of its natural powers, then give it a go. Sharing with someone else can enhance your experience, and allows you to share it with someone you care for.

Give some of these a try and let us know how it worked for your relationships in the comments!