5 Online Dating Sites That Will Amaze Any Vegan

If you're into Veganism and Single - Hook Up!


Veganism has been overtaking the world- whether you are choosing to be Vegan because of health reasons or ethical reasons, being Vegan is your choice and you would likely want to date individuals that are supporting a like-minded mentality.

Here are the dating sites that are right for your Vegan mind-set:

1. The Vegan Expert

If you would consider yourself a Vegan Expert and you know a lot about what Veganism does for your body and for the world, then you would most likely be interested in seriously dating someone who has Vegan experience just like you. Well, you Expert Vegans, you’re in luck! EliteVegans has a huge pool of singles to choose from, and best of all you get to message them for FREE as much as you would like and get to know them a bit before you commit to any serious dates. Narrow down your options with their wonderful personality matching system. On each member’s profile, you can see their dietary preferences and VEGAN is in fact an option. Therefore, know whether or not someone has the same cruelty-free and good-for-you mindset as you do before even messaging them. If you aren’t so crazy about dating another Vegan, don’t fret. There’s plenty of people to choose from who are likely pretty similar and compatible to you on Elite due to its INSANE amount of users, many of which are looking for the same things as you are – and the best things is that you can register for FREE!

2. The Entry-Level Vegan

Entry level vegan

Let’s say you’re what we call an Entry-Level Vegan. You’ve just recently decided to go cruelty-free and you’re loving getting to know more about the lifestyle and what it entails. You’re probably looking to meet some singles who know quite a bit about Veganism who can share their thoughts and opinions with you and teach you what they know. EliteSingles is just the dating site for you! Discover individuals who are looking for love, companionship and more, AND who are living a green lifestyle, whether it be green warriors, vegan eaters, wildlife protectors or pacifists. All of the singles on this site are ready and willing to talk about how they are making an environmental difference on this world and in their lives. Connect with someone just like you. Even though this is a niche dating site with a much smaller singles pool than one of the top dating sites, you don’t have to filter through millions of individuals trying to find someone with a similar life path to you. Cut through all the uninteresting people and get straight to connecting with the ones you want.

3. The Crunchy Granola Type Vegan

Dating Stoner

Crunchy-Granola Type Vegans or more “Hippie” Vegans are extremely concerned with the world and what’s going on, promoting peace, a healthy diet and genuine human interactions. If you think this type of Vegan might be you, dating can probably be a difficult task at times. You probably feel like a lot of people just aren’t on your level- it’s not that they’re on a lower or a higher level, just a different one. One niche dating site, called consciousElitesingles is tailored for individuals just like you who are looking for someone with alternative style thoughts and opinions. Quite a few people on this site are vegan or at least vegetarian, and are practicing more spiritual, acceptant or agnostic religions. Find the one for you, who thinks just as you do, with this amazing site that features people thinking conscious thoughts and practicing conscious behaviors in their lives! Don’t believe us? Check it out by signing up for Free

4. The Artsy Vegan

Young hipster man sketching in his studio

If you are incredibly creative but also see the benefits in being an animal-loving Vegan, you’ll probably want to date someone who is just as artistic as you. Thankfully, sites like lovearts.com are offering relationship services for people who are creative and wanting to be with someone who is just the same. Connect and create with a single who loves art like you do. Although not everyone on this site is a Vegan, you’re bound to discover other Artsy Vegans, since sometimes these two characteristics can go hand-in-hand. Find exactly what you are looking for- art, love, health and everything else- with lovearts!

5. The Practical Vegan

Practical Vegan

This is a Vegan who isn’t so hung up on the ethical matters of Veganism, rather they are choosing not to eat meat because it makes their body or mind feel better. Someone who is a Practical Vegan is probably not so concerned about being with someone who is also a Vegan, maybe just an individual who knows somewhat about health, and more so is acceptant and not judgemental of their way of life. If you are a Practical Vegan, then the best site for you to Find Love or someone to casually date is EliteLove. Elite has millions of active users, with a huge pool of singles to choose from. With this many active users, you are almost guaranteed to discover the person for you to go on a date with, someone who loves, supports and accepts you for who you are!

Don’t worry about Finding Love as a Vegan! There are plenty of options available to discover the right one for you and your Vegan personality type! We hope this guide has brought you clarity and has brought you one step closer to the right love.