5 INCREDIBLE Marijuana Gadgets That Will Blow Your Mind

Regular smoking or edibles not quite cutting it for you anymore? Don’t worry – the marijuana culture is bigger than you might think. The internet is filled with hundreds, maybe even thousands of cannabis and weed related gadgets that are sure to spice up the life of an everyday stoner. Even if you aren’t a stoner, try these gadgets out- they might bring you a little fun in life- plus some extra added cannabis convenience.

1. Foot-Long Cannabis Joint Papers

marijuana gadget rolling paper

Okay, so this gadget is anything BUT convenient, but it sure does spice up your smoke! You know that moment where you’re in a big group and passing that joint, but it keeps burning out? Maybe you are smoking a lot yourself? If you want to get REALLY high, or share the love with others, these foot-long joint rolling papers are just for you. Now, you’ll never need to worry about your joint burning out. Roll the fattest doobie you ever have and join in the Canna bliss with others. The only down side? Rolling a foot long joint isn’t the easiest task, but with a little practice you’ll get it down in no time!

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2. Giant Lighter

Marijuana gadget large lighter

Want a lighter to go along with your foot long joint? Look no further- this lighter is exactly what you need, it’s GIANT. This gadget is a bit silly and unnecessary, but will wow the minds of your stoned out friends when you start to light up a fat joint with a huge lighter. There’s no better way to get some good laughs from yourself and your baked friends!

3. RAW Pre-Rolled Doobie Cones

marijuana gadget pre-rolled

Save yourself the trouble of rolling your next doobie by purchasing these pre-rolled cones, already good to go with a crutch and everything! Plus, these pre-rolls are made with 100% organic Hemp and NO additives. Smoke your cannabis from some fresh grown cannabis, it doesn’t get much better than that. This convenient marijuana gadget makes smoking a joint on the fly a complete and total reality.

4. Inhaler Look Alike Vape “Puffit”

Marijuana gadget puffit

This weed vaporizer that looks just like an inhaler is sure to keep your smoking inconspicuous and discreet. No one will ever know that when you take an inhale of this device you aren’t trying to cut your asthma, rather you are getting very, very high. Never fear getting caught again with this stealthy pot gadget!

5. iHit iPhone Case with Hidden Cannabis Compartment

Marijuana gadget iphone case

The handy iPhone 6 case that lets you carry up to 5 rolled joints or spliffs with you at all times, featuring a lock seal technology that keeps the green stuff in and the odor out. Next time you’re at a concert, event, or just around someone who doesn’t know that you’re actually a huge stoner, bring this nifty case and have a toke when you get a moment, no one will ever find out that the entire time you actually had weed on you.

The marijuana world is simply amazing with these innovative designs to amp up the smoking experience for all stoners. Enjoy reading about just a few of the hundreds of ganja gadgets available on the market today- and best of all support these innovative designers by purchasing their creative smoking and vaping tools! Support your stoner self too by making your next toke an even easier one, with these convenient accessories. Although marijuana has many benefits, discretion must be used when consuming cannabis products.

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