5 Dating Sites That Every Stoner Should Know About!

If you like Mary Jane and are single - Hookup!
Nicole Richter Nicole Richter / Updated on January 10, 2018

Dating Stoner

Do you love the green and want to find someone who has a similar personality type to you? We’ve made it simple – whether you live in Melbourne, Paris, or New York City, simply determine your stoner profile and find the right person to spend your time with.

1. The Creative Cannabis Connoisseur

Young hipster man sketching in his studio

Are you are creative cannabis connoisseur? Do you find yourself more occupied with artistic outputs and less occupied with dating? Everyone wants to find the time in life to date, but not all know where to start, or if they could even find someone with compatibility.

At CreativeEliteSingles you can discover like minded individuals like you who don’t necessarily love their fair share of ganja, but certainly do love to create. This dating site is one of the best on the market and you are guaranteed to find someone who matches your profile in minutes. Whether you want long-term love or simply a fling, this site has what you desire.

The major advantage about CreativeEliteSingles is that the registration is completely FREE. Also you can create a profile in seconds, straight from your phone.

2. The Marijuana Expert

Dining Stoner

If you call yourself a Marijuana Expert, you probably want someone who is 420-friendly to date or become more serious with. Discover highly compatible individuals just like you, who love to smoke and toke, consume edibles, or maybe even dab.

My420mate is a niche dating site specifically designed for reefer lovers who want to discover a partner, casual date or mate who they can enjoy good smokes and conversations with. Talk about the complexities and simplicities of amazing marijuana with someone who loves the subject just as much as you do.

Be green-friendly with another fellow stoner and maybe even find that special someone to spend the rest of your life with.

3. The Ultra Chill Stoner

Lazy Dating

If you’re an Ultra Chill Stoner but want someone to chill with, hit the bong and couch lock it out, then EliteRelationships is the site for you. Although Elite is often thought of as a dating website for more serious relationships, there are plenty of singles who are desiring flings or casual dating and want to meet up in your area. Plus, you can read all about someone on their profile, which asks many fascinating questions about their interests, goals and even a personal bio.

Often times if someone is 420-friendly, they’ll write it in their bio and you’ll easily discover who wants to blaze and who doesn’t. Once you’ve found someone worth talking to, send them a free private message and let the chill times begin! And the good thing about this site is that it’s completely FREE.

4. The Old-School Ganja Master

Senior Couple Relaxing

If you would consider yourself an Old-School Ganja Master, then you are probably over the age of 50 and have smoked cannabis for years. Everyone deserves to find love, especially those who are considered seniors.

If this sounds like you and your scenario, then Seniormatch has the solutions for you. Discover love and partnership with a site specifically tailored to individuals who are over the age of 50. Connect with open-minded singles who have similar personalities and life paths as you, and maybe even find someone special who will share that joint or bowl and bring love and happiness into your life.

Registration is FREE and we’ve heard that some people have found companionship in less than a few hours. Get Started on SeniorMatch and Find Your Other Half!

5. The Professional Yet Weed-Lover

Professional Dating

Are you the kind of weed-lover that wears a suit or dresses in professional business attire? Do you have a committed job and a great education? It’s not always apparent who loves weed. Sometimes those you would least expect enjoy their fair share of ganja. Discover long-term commitment and make some time in your to date an individual that is just as professional yet open-minded as you.

With EliteRelationship you can browse through millions of users, with over 50,000 new members joining the site everyday. With such a large pool to fish from, many of these people being professional singles, the possibilities are endless. Register for Free and find someone to spend your life with. 

  1. Hank V.
    can't find them?

    can’t find these on the App Store? Are they still active? would love to try one

  2. Francis
    Thank you!!

    Thanks so much guys! Really helpful suggestions here and it’s nice to see other options available aside from the ones that everybody else uses. Haven’t downloaded anything yet but will definitely be setting up a profile and giving one of these a shot. Thanks again!

  3. John Richards
    Met my partner here

    I met Stephanie at the Ultra Chill Stoner website and we are now about to be married. I must say, this is a genuine site, where people are serious and there is no culture of making fun or bullying over here. I am an introvert, and really liked this website.

  4. Zooey
    Will check these out 🙂

    Thanks guys!!

  5. Ashley T
    Fingers crossed...

    Good stuff!! Will check them out!!

  6. Euge

    Si senor!! Why does it not surprise me that there are weed-centered dating apps these days, hahahha!? 🙂

  7. Todd M


  8. Darlene
    I'll give it a try

    I want a husband that will bring me home some fire weed, play checkers with me while we put some chicken nuggets and a Digiornio pizza in the oven. Is there an option for that on the Elite Singles app? Hahahah… in all honesty though, I am sure these are better than the other dating options we’ve got today

  9. Christopher
    just wondering!

    Hmmm do the girls you meet up with supply the weed too ;p 🙂 🙂 🙂

  10. francis

    Some of these I can’t even find the app for

  11. Britt D.

    Hope I have more luck here than Bumble was a bout to lose my mind on there

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