5 Brilliant Ways to Kill Weed Smell and Fast!
December 3, 2016

5 Brilliant Ways to Kill Weed Smell and Fast!

Tips for making your smoking experience even easier
Nicole Richter Nicole Richter / Updated on December 3, 2016

Cannabis Smell

With so much stigma constantly be thrown around about marijuana; its smell, its effects, etc., it may seem like a challenge to not upset someone when smoking. If you have parents, roommates, friends, landlords or neighbors that don’t like to be around cannabis, you don’t have to sacrifice your enjoyment of a nice joint or pipe hit because of them.

Here are 5 Brilliant Ways to Kill Weed Smell and Fast:

So you can keep the people around you happy and peaceful.

1. Invest in Scented Products

There are plenty of products that will be able to cover up the odor of your ganja.

Our favorites include:

Scented Candles
Scented candles are a convenient method of covering up the skunky reek of weed, because they are used extremely often and can be purchased at many locations near to you. Most likely, your local supermarket or grocery store sells scented candles, so this option is an easy purchase if you need a quick solution. It’s best to choose a natural scent that won’t come across as suspicious or trying to hide anything.

Incense are sticks of compressed powder that when lit produce a smell. They are popular in India, Nepal and Tibet, later arriving to Western America. Incense is a wonderful way to cover up the odor, because it already protrudes a somewhat smoky smell. A great option; light incense just before you are about to smoke. That way the smoke from both outputs will blend together, and the weed smell will dissipate.

Cannabis InsenseAir Fresheners
Air fresheners typically release small amounts of smell throughout the day. This is a wonderful method to keep your space feeling fresh and ganja free long after you’ve smoked. Most grocery stores sell air fresheners. They are an inexpensive and easily accessible option.

Pairing of Body Perfumes/Breath Mints
After you’ve just finished smoking, to cover up the odor on your skin, clothes or breath, spray cologne or perfume onto your body and a spritz into your hair. Place a breath mint into your mouth and give your hands a good wash with soap and warm water.

2. The Key Is Marijuana Storage

It is extremely vital to store your cannabis properly, so that the scent of it is diminished as much as possible. Using an air-tight container such as a mason jar, is a wonderful option for at-home storage, but if you need to bring your weed on the go, other options are more suitable.

One great way to bring your marijuana with you and diminish its scent, is to triple zip lock bag the weed and then place it into a bag or ground coffee or whole coffee beans. The coffee scent will counteract any skunkiness from the herb.

3. Ventilate Your Space


While you are toking, be sure to always keep your area fully ventilated in order to not trap any stinky smoke inside. Using a fan or similar device to move air towards the opening of a window is the easiest way to achieve this. Additionally, blowing your smoke in the direction of the open window will assist in pushing all the smoke out of your space.

4. Find Other Ways to Consume Cannabis

If you aren’t up for leaving a trail of weed stank wherever you smoke, decide on a different method of consuming your ganja that you also enjoy. Using a vaporizer to consume herb is almost scentless, and can easily be done indoors without coming off as suspicious. Additionally, cooking or baking edibles is a great method of marijuana consumption being odorless, yet still getting you super high.

5. Make a Sploof


A sploof is a convenient little device that will cut down some of the smell from your bake session. When you inhale your cannabis, blow the smoke out through the sploof, and it will greatly lessen the stench. Best of all, you can make your own at home with materials found around any house. All you need is a toilet paper roll, a rubber band, some toilet paper and a dryer sheet. Place your dryer sheet at the end of the toilet paper roll and secure it with a rubber band. Stuff your toilet paper into the bottom of the tube so it rests against the dryer sheet. Blow your smoke through the end that doesn’t contain the dryer sheet, and voila! you have your very own sploof.

We hope that this article has helped make your life a little easier, so now you truly can smoke that delicious green whenever you desire, without any suspicions.

It is important to remember that the consumption of cannabis is solely the responsibility of the consumer, and discretion should be used.

Additional Tips:

HIde the smell of weed

  1. Amber Wheeler

    I use scented candles in the flaour of Jasmine, and also some lime sprays. Both work well, but once I lighted some candles from both the aromas, and the result was not very good. So go for a solid aroma, of a single type, if you want to evade away weed smell. Also 100 percent smell would not go.

  2. Meko


  3. Suman
    Smoke vs smoke

    Using scented materials may be effective but not always, would you do it all the time? Anybody especially family who doubts on you will doubt you even more knowing the fact everytime that U love those scents….
    I smoke cigarettes too and that is somehow not so bothering to my family.
    occasionally whenever i wish to have cannibas in room, I first make sure that the areas inside the room like door areas and outside the room are occupied with the smoke of cigarettes…. having ganja nearby another window making sure that smoke of cannibas goes outside as much as possible… Direction of wind can be useful.

  4. Harold
    Whats a good pipe tobacco to mix with for masking the smell of pot?

    I, after a thirty-seven year hiatus (yes, I’ve been keeping count) on pot, I have returned. Pot is now legal for both medical and recreational use in my state and my wife has, with mixed emotions ( aversion and compassion) has given imprimatur to my use of it as both pain relief and attitude ‘refreshioner’. Pot is much stronger now, than in my day and leaves a MUCH more noticeable and longer lasting ‘smell’ lingering. I’m pretty boogered up and walking outside to smoke is … a big deal. I am looking for a tobacco to mix it with for use in my new ‘vaporizing pipe’. Any suggestions on the pipe tobacco would be appreciated. I like the ‘sploof’ idea also but imagine the sploof itself becomes ‘stinky’ and would add another chore to the whole damn ‘PROCESS’.

  5. Stacey Schick

    Ventilation is a superb idea, it is awesome!

  6. Lelia King

    Ventilation is a good idea as my room is quite small

  7. Elizabeth Gomez

    Scented candles are a convenient way to cover the skunky smell of weed. I do recommend it.

  8. Myrtle Mitchell

    I have never been able to kill the weed smell so fast. Sploof is a good idea!

  9. Tracy Wilson

    How can I get the smell of weed of my clothes and hair on the go

  10. Denise Rakowski

    Air fresheners are a very affordable and effective way to kill the smell of weed fast. Some other great ideas here but I will stick with this one for now since it’s always worked.

  11. Pamela Hall

    I love the marijuana storage idea. This definitely seems like one of the easier and more efficient ways to kill of the smell. I will be trying the method of storing my weed in a bag of coffee beans. Can’t go wrong since I love both weed and coffee!

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