5 Best Marijuana Dispensaries in Washington State (2018)
June 30, 2018

5 Best Marijuana Dispensaries in Washington State (2018)

The best dispensaries near me
Nicole Richter / Updated on June 30, 2018


Rising to the top as one of the biggest weed cultivation states in America, Washington has been filling up headlines globally with their revolutionary influence on the cannabis industry. Dispensaries are popping up, left, right and center. Apart from that, Washington has been blooming with mind-blowing and innovative marijuana cultivators; ones that are developing diverse marijuana strains and better growing methods, all with a top-shelf crop mindset as their goal.

You can pick up some of this tasty, one-of-a-kind marijuana at one of Washington state’s lovely recreational dispensaries. So, you’ve ever wondered “what are the best dispensaries near me”, you are over the age of 21 and jonesing to try some of the dankest ganja you’ve ever had in Washington, check these best 5 Marijuana dispensaries:

Here Are the 5 Best Marijuana Dispensaries in Washington State:

1. Have a Heart-Belltown: 115 Blanchard St, Seattle, WA

Have a Heart-Belltown


Located in a prime area of Seattle city, incredibly close to the ocean and Pike’s Place Market, Have a Heart Belltown has been called Seattle’s favorite weed shop. The 420-friendly simply adore Have a Heart for its outstanding customer experience, convenient location and immense strain selection. Offering medical consulting services (with their very own hours), online ordering and 6 convenient locations around WA, this highly reputable and caring dispensary has been gaining a huge following from the ganja lovers around Seattle who just can’t seem to get enough. This will always be the first recommendation on any list, especially when you ask someone “What’s the best dispensary near me?.”

Best of all, Have a Heart Belltown has a HUGE menu (trust us when we say HUGE). Offering hundreds of strains for extremely competitive and affordable prices, there’s really nothing not to love about this location. Plus, you get to enjoy the glowing and psychedelic interior of the shop that reflects some of Seattle’s notorious landmarks.


  • Open from 8AM-11:45PM seven days a week!
  • Recreational only dispensary (21+ only)
  • Friendly staff, hundreds of bud strains to choose from


Present one of their budtenders with your Leafly Have a Heart dispensary review, and receive 10% off your order!

Our View:

Because of the vibe, the prices, the service, everything, we really love this shop. It’s completely unique and so different from all of Have a Heart’s other locations throughout the state. Anytime you’re downtown, it’s simple to stop by this dispensary and stock up, plus they have so many strains to choose from that we’re always able to try out something new. There’s no other shop like Belltown in WA.

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2. Cannabis & Glass: 605 E Francis Ave., Spokane, WA



Cannabis & Glass is dedicated to providing their patients with affordable prices on top-notch quality weed. By doing so, their grams are never more expensive than $10, with all Eighths priced at $25. Additionally, this recreational marijuana shop offers the largest selection of high-grade concentrates in Eastern Washington, all of them costing only $20-$30 a gram.

With over 600 positive rave reviews on Leafly, there are so many reasons why Cannabis & Glass has become the beloved herb dispensary of Eastern WA.


  • Insanely affordable prices: $10 grams, all Eighths just $25
  • Largest selection of high-grade concentrates in Eastern Washington
  • Conveniently located in the downtown area of Spokane
  • Superb loyalty rewards program for repeat customers to receive their money’s worth


0.75-1 gram pre-rolls all $5
Buy an Eighth for just $20
$110 for a full Ounce
Pick 8 different strains in 3.5 gram baggies, for a $160 mix-n-match Ounce

Our View:

First of all, Spokane is such a beautiful city. It’s the perfect setting for enjoying a fat joint and some top-grade legal weed. Thankfully, Cannabis & Glass makes kickin’ back with some dank ganja effortless, keeping the experience affordable, personal, yet still friendly and efficient.

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3. Buddy’s: 420 Sunset Blvd., N Renton, WA



If this location’s address hasn’t already got you interested, then its unique set up probably will. Buddy’s, a revolutionary dispensary in Renton, Washington, celebrates and embraces the historic combination of fine cannabis and groovin’ music. Relying upon only the most knowledgeable budtenders and highly trustworthy growers, Buddy’s always strives to bring an amazing experience to the customer, all while providing out of this world weed for the best prices possible. Featuring an outdoor stage, as well as hosted events in store and at selected venues, there’s always some soulful and entertaining tunes to be heard and some tasty bud to be smoked.


  • Unique dispensary where you can experience the best ganja and live music
  • Great loyalty program available for repeat customers to save big
  • Offering a grand variety of glass, accessories, buds and edibles


$25 dabs of Sour Diesel wax

Our View:

There aren’t many dispensaries in the United States offering amazing weed plus a huge outdoor music venue featuring local music and some well-known acts too. The owners of Buddy’s have truly made their dream concept into a reality, all while supporting the community around them. We applaud Buddy’s for revolutionizing the weed industry and giving artists and fans such a hip and safe outlet to express themselves.

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4. The Novel Tree: 1817 130th Ave NE Suite B, Bellevue, WA

Novel Tree


The Novel Tree lights up the lives of so many in the charming city of Bellevue, WA and further across Washington state. This dispensary strives to explore the new avenues that have developed due to marijuana legalization, by offering medical marijuana consulting services for patients. The Novel Tree is family owned, and quality is the first most important thing, so they provide exclusively pesticide free cannabis, with outdoor, indoor and greenhouse grown strains available. Combining the two energies of ganja bar and boutique style art gallery for amazing glass work, The Novel Tree isn’t just fun to buy herb from, it’s also an exclusive location to admire local glass blowers. Additionally, this dispensary does its best to only source their flower from locally trusted cultivators, because not only is the quality vital to them, the patients are too.


  • Medical dispensary (18+ with paperwork) and Recreational store (21+)
  • Now offering certified medical consulting for patients
  • Offering top-quality buds, concentrates and edibles


  • Full Grams of concentrate starting at $30
  • 20 different under $200 Ounce options, from a wide range of growers
  • $25 Eighths available

Our View:

The Novel Tree has a really humble purpose for providing such carefully grown marijuana to its patients. They view herb as a healing experience, and they want others to become a part of that too- this is what we sincerely love about them. They’re also incredibly supportive of artists and strive to combine wholesome pesticide-free cannabis with beautiful, local glass work.

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5. World of Weed: 3202 E Portland Ave., Tacoma, WA



World of Weed has been rated #1 Dispensary in Washington by Leafly for 10 months in 2016, and it’s a no-brainer why. Offering so many hand-selected and untraditional strains from local farmers all around the Evergreen State, W of W’s offers convenient location, safety first protocol and knowledgeable, friendly staff. This dispensary and recreational shop strives to put a huge smile on all of their patient’s faces with mind-blowing ganja and caring budtenders.


  • Recreational (21+) and Medical (18+ with paperwork) marijuana shop
  • Convenient location just off of I-5, close to the Tacoma Dome
  • On-site security guard and discreet parking for your safety
  • Amazing deals all day, every day!


  • $20 Eighths and $20 Grams of shatter on select strains (plenty to choose from)
  • Military Discount: Present a military I.D. and receive 10% off all your orders
  • Ounces of bud ranging from $160-$289
  • Half ounces of bud ranging from $80-$159

Our View:

Of course this shop has received #1 in Washington for so many months. World of Weed is in a fairly unexpected setting, but it simply works. When you step foot in the shop you feel like the staff truly want to be there and understanding the bud they are selling. Additionally, you can tell they all support the products and probably medicate with the same types of strains you are choosing. It’s nice to find a friend in every one of the budtenders. They always make the experience so relatable and personalized and you just can’t beat the prices either.

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Final Thoughts on the 5 best dispensaries in Washington:

We hope you’ve enjoyed our review of the 5 best dispensaries in Washington! Next time you’re in the Evergreen state, and in in need and suddenly think what’s the best dispensary near me, be sure to hop by one of these quirky locations and see how wonderful the green in WA makes you feel.

It is important to remember that the consumption of cannabis is the sole responsibility of the user and discretion should be taken.

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    Buddy’s dispensary is my favorite. They have awesome services

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    The novel tree dispensary is the rocking dispensary which offers wonderful services to the medical patients.

  3. Eileen Swinney

    Cannabis and Glass are my two favourite. Their service is truly top-notch and they always place their clients at number 1. They are genuinely concerned about the well-being of each and everyone of their clients

  4. Sharon Collins

    Being a new resident of Washington, I wanted to know about the best marijuana dispensaries. Great article!

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    For me, Cannabis and glass is approachable and I am happy with the quality their products have. Nice dispensary with good strains.

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    Great dispensaries and very close by to where I live.

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    Thank you for your review from all of us at Buddy’s who work hard everyday to achieve the best experience for our customers.

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