5 Best Cannabis Dispensaries in Oregon (OR) | Review

The state that offers a bounty of dank ganja
Nicole Richter Nicole Richter / Updated on June 10, 2019

5 Best Marijuana Dispensaries in Oregon | Review

In 2015, Oregon rejoiced when the rather liberal and progressive state decided to vote for legalization of recreational marijuana. Medical cannabis had already been a success for many years prior, but recreational allowance took the ganja love in this green state to a whole new level. In 2016, new medical and recreational dispensaries have been popping up all over OR, proving to be quite popular and celebrated among the 420-friendly. We went ahead and did the hard work for you by rating the top 5 dispensaries in Oregon.

Discover the 5 Best Cannabis Dispensaries in Oregon:

1. Nectar on BarBur: 10931 SW 53rd Ave, Portland, OR.


About Nectar:

Known for its incredible prices, educated and friendly staff, caring service and impeccable locally sourced buds, Nectar Barbur is all the talk in Oregon. Having originally started small, Nectar now has 7 shops throughout OR, one of them includes Barbur. This dispensary’s biggest priority however, aside from its flower, is serving its patients and treating them like a member of the family.


  • Superb pricing of $6-$12 per gram
  • 7 conveniently located shops across Oregon
  • Also offer other top grade products including; bubble hash, cannabis nectar, topicals, local glass and low-dose edibles

Our View:

We believe there is a very clear reason why Nectar has grown to become one of the most popular and adored dispensaries in Oregon. If you enjoy cannabis and reside in Portland, you absolutely have heard of this dispensary and have possibly even purchased medicine from it. This location is especially professional, cleanly, well-stocked, affordable, and the staff are simply wonderful.

2. House of Leaves: 488 North Main St, Ashland, OR.



Southern Oregon’s most loved and popular medical marijuana dispensary and recreational cannabis shop, located in the heart of Ashland Oregon, currently provides amazing prices, out of this world weed and friendly, attentive customer service to its patients. With a massive selection of ganja buds to choose from, as well as numerous edibles, pre-rolls, concentrates and more, House of Leaves is a charming, locally made dispensary with a cozy, vintage ambiance. Additionally, their website is extremely thorough, providing you with their entire menu, in addition to THC and CBD content for almost every cannabis product available.


  • Over a dozen high CBD, low THC strains offered
  • Providing affordable prices on both recreational and medical strains


  • First Time Patient: 10% off purchase
  • Senior/Military Discount: 10% off purchase every day, every purchase

Our View:

There aren’t many dispensaries or recreational shops in Southern Oregon that are talked about the way that House of Leaves is. You can tell they really strive to stay local, by buying and selling within their community and from local farms to local customers. We really admire the efforts they take to keep their products pure and honest, and keep their service kind and caring.

3. Eugene OG: 2045 Franklin Blvd, Eugene, OR.



Now offering recreational marijuana and low-dose edibles to all individuals over the age of 21, Eugene OG is easily yet discreetly accessible to anyone desiring some wonderful medicine that will soothe the soul. If you happen to be an Oregon Medical Marijuana Patient, you get to skip to the front of any line and your medicine holds priority. Don’t deal with sometimes long or inconvenient waits, with Eugene OG’s new brilliantly simple online ordering link, tell them what you want and only step foot in the store for pick-up. Featuring a knowledgeable and kind staff, top-tier products and a spacious, pleasant store-front with refreshments and cozy seating available, Eugene OG brings modern comforts to the world of dispensaries.


  • Amazing frequent customer loyalty program
  • New limited time offers constantly being added
  • Discreet rear entrance, ample parking


  • Price Match: Eugene OG will price match any name brand products in town on Leafly menus (medical only)
  • FREQUENT BUYER PROGRAM: For every $300 spent at Eugene OG, you will receive either a free Eighth, 2 grams of top-shelf flower, or a $30 pick-it-yourself gram of concentrate (medical only)

Our View:

It’s refreshing to witness the way that recreational and medical dispensaries are changing the way they do business, now offering the same amenities that any other high-end retail store would, including refreshments and comfortable seating. Sometimes in Oregon you have to endure long lines when trying to get your medicine, so these extra added comforts really make the wait bearable. We applaud the professionality of Eugene OG, plus their killer frequent buyer program (one of the best we’ve ever seen).

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4. TLC Cannabis Emporium: 4550 Commercial St, SE Salem, OR.



TLC Cannabis Emporium is setting a new standard for marijuana in Oregon, with its modern and always well-stocked showroom, that holds a massive quantity of top-tier product pleasantly displayed in well-lit glass cases. Offering dank quality marijuana products to both OMMP certified and recreational patients, TLC’s top priority is customer service, safety, confidentiality and convenience. Carrying far more than 100 different strains of flower, anything that you desire, TLC Cannabis Emporium has probably got it.


  • Huge quantity of deals available
  • Offer numerous locally grown strains for purchase
  • 2,500 ft. cannabis showroom floor


7 Gram Sampler: Purchase 7 DIFFERENT strains of 1 gram and receive 10% off all 7
Military Discount: 15% off discount to OMMP Military
Buy an ounce of any bud, get $10 off any glass accessories

Our View:

The only dispensary I think we’ve ever come across that has this many strains to offer, plus a 2,500 ft. showroom style store-front. It’s fun being able to stare at fragrant and tasty products behind well-lit glass. Their wood lined store is gorgeous, and the huge shelf of endless jars behind the registers really creates ambience and makes the experience wonderful. No matter what type of strain you desire, you can most likely get it here.

5. TreeHouse Collective: 2419 NE Sandy Blvd, Portland, OR.

Tree House


With a constantly changing menu that has new strains and products being updated daily and sometimes even hourly, TreeHouse Collective has the variety to make any weed-lover happy. Offering a wide-selection of medicine to both Medical (OMMP) and recreational (21+) patients, let the friendly, educated and professional staff assist you with finding the perfect bud, edible, concentrate, topical, or something else to fulfill your day.


Incredible daily deals, 6 days a week
Plenty of variety in resins, concentrates and flowers available
Conveniently located in NE Portland


WEDNESDAYS: $5 off any Eighth or more of select bud (recreational & medical)
THURSDAYS: 20% off topicals (OMMP only)
FRIDAYS: Free joint with $10 purchase (OMMP only)
SATURDAYS: (SHATTERDAYS) $5 off select grams of BHO (OMMP only)
SUNDAYS: $10 off a Quarter from the top two tiers of bud (recreational only)
$5 off all Co2 cartridges (OMMP only)

Our View:

The variety in strains that TreeHouse Collective offers is extremely convenient, especially since they provide some CBD dominant strains for individuals needing that medicine. If you live in NE Portland, the shop is easy to find and well-located, plus their deals are some of the best in Oregon and their concentrates are out of this world.

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Our Oregon Dispensary Final Thoughts:

If you are lucky enough to live in the beautiful and incredibly green state of Oregon, stop by one of these impeccable dispensaries and enjoy yourself some healing medicine or a tasty recreational treat. If you’re just visiting- be sure to use your time wisely and test out as many dank products as possible.

It’s important to remember that the consumption of marijuana is the sole responsibility of the user and discretion should be taken.

  1. Andrew Williamson
    Great Places

    I am from this place, and have tried all the ones mentioned above by you. I like to explore new places, and would say you have compiled a great list, as these are great dispensaries for weed.

  2. Delores Chen
    House of Leaves

    Just go to House of Leaves. It is the best one around this place, and is competitive in all respects. I used to go to Nectar before, tried this once as they were running out of stock for some strain I needed, and I have never gone back. Nectar was not bad, but house of leaves is better in my opinion.

  3. Sylvia Nguyen

    Please suggest me the best dispensary in Oregon.

  4. Donna Eastman

    Tlc cannabis emporium stands out among other dispensaries in Oregon.

  5. George

    Thanks guys! I didn’t know about these and I am from Oregon! Now I will check them out

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