5 Amazing Effects of Marijuana That You Probably Don’t Know

For all you Marijuana lovers here are 5 incredible effects of Marijuana and just what it can do to your body and also your mentality:

#1- Cannabis Gives you the Munchies

Marijuana munchies It can help those with low appetite or eating disorders

We all have seen the classic stoner stereotype. A young college student with a messy hair-do, getting ready to take a toke or eat some brownies. They’ve got the munchies- BAD, and they’re ready and willing to eat all sorts of strange food combinations. Although cannabis extends far beyond its classic stereotype, it is very real- the effects that marijuana has on appetite. Anyone who knows from personal experience, can attest to just how much their appetite increases after smoking a joint or consuming edibles. According to the Neuroendocrinology Group of the Max-Planck-Institute of Psychiatry, “the ability of Cannabis sativa (marijuana) to increase hunger has been noticed for centuries” (Cota D et al., 2003).

#2 – Marijuana makes everything REALLY funny

Marijuana side effects

It increases your sense of humor and helps you to have a positive attitude:

In late 2013, a study published in the Euro Psychopharmacology review suggested that mental illnesses, such as depression, are caused by “abnormalities in emotional processing” (Bossong M. et al., 2013). Furthermore, the review states that the study they conducted with the administration of THC into monitored patients “reduce[d] the negative bias in emotional processing”, leading towards a more positive outlook on life for those involved in the test study (Bossong M. et al., 2013). Aside from Cannabis being beneficial towards the treatment of mental illness, for those who use it more recreationally and not simply medicinally, it’s a great way to have even better laughs with friends and truly find the humor in every situation.

#3- Smoke, Consume or Vape It

There are endless ways that you can get your fix of Ganja:

A very common and tasty way to consume Cannabis includes making edibles- hash oil, Canna Oil, Cannabutter or Keef powder can all be used to infuse your everyday meals with any dosage of THC. Add a little, or a lot, and feel the blaze from your favorite strains. You can even find unique Cannabis recipes for inspiration here.

#4 – Reefer is relaxing

Cannabis Relax

It helps to chill you out and fall asleep if you’ve got trouble catching z’s at night:

There are so many stresses in everyday life. In fact, a study from Huffington Post claims, “young adults are more stressed…than ever before” (Widdowson E., 2015). Smoking or eating a little pot or hash before bed can greatly increase the quality of your sleep. Choose an Indica to help you catch some z’s, but a hybrid strain will help to chill you out without becoming too lethargic. Our personal favorite Indica strain is Northern Lights. It has got an incredible stoney and euphoric vibe and it’s great for some peaceful rest.

#5 – And most of all… Marijuana is brilliant for social situations:

Social Party

Many stoners bond over their love for cannabis and are generous and willing to share a little green with their other reefer loving friends. Beyond the facts listed, the benefits and effects of Marijuana are truly unlimited, so could resist the magic powers of this unearthly plant.

There are many effects that Cannabis has on the body and mind. Some are very beneficial, while some are very detrimental to the body, so the user of Marijuana must be responsible for his or her own usage. To read more interesting articles and hot topics about medical marjiuana that are in the news check out our blog


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