4 Macgyver Hacks to Grind Your Bud Without a Grinder
February 6, 2017

4 Macgyver Hacks to Grind Your Bud Without a Grinder

Tricks of the trade.
Nicole Richter Nicole Richter / Updated on February 6, 2017


4 Weed Hacks

Every stoner knows the importance of having a trustworthy grinder. It’s the true 420-companion and is a MUST, to create the perfect joint. For those of you that are new to grinders, a grinder is an object that breaks up large chunks of weed to smaller, finer pieces, so that the weed can be rolled and smoked evenly.

If you lack a grinder and are in need for a quick solution, then these 4 Macgyver ways could do the trick.

1) Scissors and a Glass

Glass Cup and Scissors Weed Grinder

This one is simple and used by most people. Simply place the weed in a cup, take a pair of scissors and snip away. Cut all the weed into pieces or until you reach your desired size.

2) Using a Kitchen Knife and Board

Man chopping herbs Weed Grinder

This is another easy way to grind your weed. Ever cut parsley or some other herb on a chopping board? So the technique is the same. Simple place the weed on a chopping board and chop away. Remember, you want to cut the weed up finely, but not too fine.

3) Using a Coin and Pill Bottle

Pill bottle with coins Weed Grinder

This is an old trick but used by those who are stuck in a rut. Take a pill bottle, or any bottle that has a cap. Place the weed into the bottle. Take a clean coin and put it also in the bottle. Close the lid and start shaking like you’re a Native American with rattles in a ceremonial dance. Shake the bottle for about five minutes. That should do the trick!

4) Use a Coffee Bean Grinder

Weed Coffee Bean Grinder

Place the bud into a coffee grinder and hit the “On” button for about 5 seconds. Just make sure you don’t grind the bud too finely as it will turn into dust.

Final Thoughts

While these are great Macgyver ways to grind your bud, nothing beats the real deal.
Looking for a great grinder? Check out: The Complete Guide to Cannabis Grinders

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  1. Ruth Irby

    These hacks are so amazing, my favorite is the coffee bean grinder

  2. Margaret Lisenby

    Really astonished to know that scissors and glass is the suitable hack to grind bud.

  3. Brooke Sutton

    Incredible article. Liked these super amazing life hacks. Coffee bean grinder is the best

  4. Rosa Martinez

    Good one! I chop the weed on the chopping board lol

  5. David

    My grinder lost a few days ago, and I found this article very useful.
    Scissors and a Glass is my favorite method.

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